Business Education - UG (BED)

BED 410 Prin/Strat Voc & Coop Ed 3 Credits

Designed as one of the specialized courses in the preparation of business and marketing education teachers and teacher-coordinators of cooperative work experience programs. The philosophy and history of education for and about work, including technology, are studies along with the principles and strategies for organizing and administering vocational cooperative education programs. Developmental/reflective evaluative techniques will be applied for the assessment of self, students, instruction and selected case studies. Current instructional concepts, organizational and administrative strategies, legislative enactments, and regulations pertaining to the employment of youth are included. Special attention is given to the role of vocational student organizations and advisory committees. Open to all students. A cumulative GPA of 2.75 is required.

BED 415 Teaching Business Subjects 3 Credits

Instructional strategies in the teaching of business and marketing subjects are analyzed and demonstrated. Students are required to prepare lesson plans, teach demonstration lessons, develop a unit plan, and compile a resource file of teaching materials. Videotaping of demonstration lessons is integrated with the course work to encourage developing teaching competency through a series of instructional modules appropriate to the student's certification interests. A cumulative GPA of 2.75 is required.

BED 445 Work Exper Cooperative Program 3-6 Credits

A minimum of 300 hours of a supervised occupational experience or a supervised internship program in an approved work station or institution. The experience is coordinated and supervised by a qualified coordinator of occupational education. A series of activities are designed to relate job and intern experiences to the student's future role as an employee or a professional teacher. The student will be evaluated by the supervising employer and the Unveristy supervisor.

BED 490 Independent Research & Study 1-6 Credits

Provides the student with an opportunity to study an area of personal interest. The outline for the study must be accepted by a sponsoring professor and aproved by the student's department and academic dean. The number of semester hours credit to be assigned is determined by the department.