Additional Learning Opportunities

Study Abroad

Rider University offers a variety of study abroad opportunities through the Center for International Education. Students are assisted by CIE staff to find the program that is just right for you.  Apply online for all study abroad programs using your Easypass credentials.

Each January term, spring break and May we offer a variety of credit bearing opportunities abroad led by our faculty.  For a list of currently offered trips please see Faculty Led Programs on the website.

No matter what academic program you are in, students may participate in one of Rider's study abroad adventures that works with your degree requirements.  Rider offers study abroad opportunities during all academic semesters including over the Summer semester, and some programs offer the opportunity for an Internship.  Students can use Rider's search engine to find an approved study abroad program that relate to their required course work.  For information about semester or year long Study Abroad programs and availability use Rider's Global Search Engine to find the right study abroad opportunity for you. 

Summer Sessions

The College of Continuing Studies (Bart Luedeke Center, Suite 31) administers the undergraduate summer sessions. The summer sessions include courses scheduled in 3-week or 6-week sessions.  Summer I begins in May and Summer II begins in late June or early July.  Courses are offered during the day, evening and in an online format.  Information regarding summer sessions is available at .  Student registration begins in March.

Leadership Development Program

A program of Rider’s Center for the Development of Leadership Skills (CDLS), the Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a university-wide program that is open to all majors.  The guiding assumption underlying this program is that every one of us has opportunities to be a leader and a role model for someone. A person does not have to be a CEO, elected official, or designated leader to make a difference.

Leadership at Rider is defined as a process in which one individual influences others to attain goals for the common good. To lead effectively requires skill in communicating, influencing, and teamwork. These are interpersonal skills that can be learned. They have been identified by Rider University, The Wall Street Journal, and the Center for Creative Leadership as the keys to career and life success.

The Leadership Development Program also emphasizes career development. Helping our students achieve career maturity will allow them to develop satisfying and meaningful occupations through which to express their leadership aspirations.

Leadership training at Rider combines traditional classroom learning with intensive skill training and supervised leadership experience through co-curricular activities, experiential learning, fieldwork, and community service. Developmental experiences are provided throughout a student’s academic career.

Rider undergraduates of all majors who are interested in advancing their leadership development are invited and encouraged to apply. While first and second year students have the greatest opportunity to complete the program requirements prior to graduation from the university, students in their third year may apply, but are encouraged to speak with the Director of the LDP to assess the likelihood of successful completion. Only applicants with a 2.5 GPA or higher will be considered (first semester Freshmen are exempt from this, as they do not yet have a GPA at Rider).

Upon successful completion of the requirements listed below, students will obtain a Leadership Certificate upon graduation from Rider:

  • Foundations of Leadership course (3 credit course – must earn a B or better)

  • Leadership Skills Classes (3 skill-building seminars - composed of 9 total classes)

  • Ethics or Multicultural Studies elective (3 credit course – must earn a B or better)

  • Career Development Workshops

  • Community Service Projects

  • LDP Program/Workshop Attendance

  • Leadership Practicum (200 supervised units of actual leadership experience in clubs, organizations, internships, fieldwork, community service, etc.)

  • The maintenance of at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (*Applicants with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or less will not be considered for membership into the LDP)

At graduation, students who have successfully completed the requirements listed above will receive a Certificate in Leadership. Their completion of the Leadership Development Program will also be noted on their transcripts and in the commencement program.

For more information, see Rider’s website.  See also Leadership Development Program in the Academic Catalog.