Graduate Academic Policies


Graduate students must comply with the general requirements of Rider University concerning graduate study. Graduate students must demonstrate the ability to express their thoughts in writing and in speaking in clear, correct English for class reports, research papers, theses and examinations.

Graduate students should refer below for important information regarding Rider's graduate academic policies.  In addition, academic policies specific to degree programs or certificates housed within each of the colleges/schools can be found in the Academic Catalog as per the list below.

Significance of Accepting Admission to Rider University

By the act of accepting admission to Rider University, students acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. that they will be bound by and comply with all University standards and policies, including but not limited to, those standards and policies set forth in this catalog and in The Student Code of Social ConductPrimary and ultimate responsibility for knowing and conforming to these standards and policies and degree requirements resides with the individual student.
  2. that the ultimate authority to regulate and maintain order on the University campuses resides with the President and the Board of Trustees; and,
  3. that the University retains ownership and the exclusive right to use any and all promotional, publicity, and entertainment products (including those produced as course requirements), creations, and activities engaged in by the student while at the University, including but not limited to photographs, television, audio and video recordings, motion pictures, artistic performances and presentations, internet/web-based productions and sales, and athletic events and all proceeds therefrom.  The student has no right to any payment for participation therein.

Students further agree to execute any documents required to confirm or convey to the University all rights outlined in subpart (3) above.

Rider University’s Right to Change Catalog Content

This Academic Catalog is not a contract nor is it an offer to enter into a contract.  While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this catalog, it must be understood that all policies and procedures (as well as courses, course descriptions, curricular and degree requirements and other academic information) described in this catalog are subject to change or elimination at any time without prior notice. 

Primary and ultimate responsibility for knowing and conforming to the standards, policies and degree requirements outlined in the Academic Catalog resides with the individual student.

While every effort will be made to inform students of any changes as soon as is practical, students should consult the appropriate academic or administrative department, school, college, or other service provider for currently accurate information on any matters described in this catalog.  Changes affecting degree requirements will take into account the applicability of the change to currently matriculated students. 

Rider University also reserves the right to vary the policies and procedures in the Academic Catalog on a case-by-case basis, as fair and reasonable treatment of interested parties requires in the University’s best judgment.