Class Attendance/Absence

It is the prerogative as well as the responsibility of each faculty member to establish a clear policy for each course of instruction in regard to the nature and extent of student participation that will be expected and required.

The effect of absences upon the student's standing in a particular class will be left to the determination of the instructor of the course. However, it is expected that faculty members will be fair and reasonable concerning validated absences due to field trips, practicum, religious observance, participation in varsity athletics, placement interviews for graduating seniors, Westminster Choir College and School of Communication, Media and Performing Arts rehearsals or performances, and illnesses sufficiently serious to be certified by either the University Health Center or the student's physician. The faculty member should consult with the Dean of Students in instances where doubts arise regarding the course to follow in evaluating student absences.

It is the student’s responsibility to inform instructors of the nature and extent of an actual or anticipated absence.  If that is impossible, or if the absence is or will be more than three (3) consecutive class sessions or longer than seven [7] calendar days, the student should contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 609-896-5101.  Then, the dean’s office will notify the appropriate faculty member.