Interruption of Studies

In addition to information given here, students should refer to The Student Code of Social Conduct at  for information regarding the circumstances and procedures related to withdrawing from the University.


Students who interrupt their studies must notify the appropriate graduate program office. If studies are interrupted for up to one year, students may return with the approval of the advisor. However, if two calendar years elapse between the last date of attendance and the next registration, students must submit an application for readmission together with a nonrefundable readmission fee. Students will be responsible for the application and degree requirements in force at the time of readmission.

For students to remain in good standing with the division, they must file a notification of non-attendance form announcing their intention to not attend any semester prior to the beginning of that semester. The form may be procured from the approved graduate office.


A student who wishes to discontinue study for any reason should withdraw officially from Rider University. Withdrawal from the university is accomplished by submission of the proper form, signed by the student, to the Associate Dean of Students. If it is not feasible to complete and submit the official form, a letter stating intention to withdraw may suffice.

Failure to observe the proper withdrawal procedure results in the recording of failing grades for all courses if a student leaves during a term. If a student leaves and returns within the same semester, consultation with course instructors may be necessary to ensure that coursework can be completed. Official withdrawal from the college is effective on the date that the Associate Dean of Students signs a withdrawal form or receives a letter stating intention to discontinue enrollment. A withdrawal date must fall within a term if grades of “W” are to be recorded.

The Graduate Committee may require a student who has withdrawn from the college and who seeks readmission to present evidence demonstrating that the conditions leading to the withdrawal are no longer operative. If it is felt that it is not in the best interests of the student or the college, permission to return may be denied. An audition and/or interview may be required for readmission.

Students withdrawing for medical reasons or to fulfill a military obligation may apply to the Associate Dean of Students. Written documentation is required, and the maximum length for such a leave is one year. If a leave of absence has been granted for medical reasons, the student may be required to submit evidence documenting full recovery. If a leave is granted, the student may return at any time within one year, so long as a letter stating intention to return is submitted to the Associate Dean of Students at least one month in advance of the start of a new term.