Courses - Adding, Dropping, Repeating and Withdrawing

Timetables and deadlines given below pertain to fall and spring semesters.  Students should consult the Registrar’s web page for summer session deadlines.

Adding Courses

Graduate students may add a course through the first week of the semester provided the course is still open for registration.

Dropping Courses

Students may drop courses through the second week of the regular semester at their own discretion.   In such cases, the courses are deleted from the student’s record.  After the second week of the semester, a withdrawal from the course is necessary and a ‘W’ is recorded on the transcript. 

Repeating Courses

Students may request permission from the academic dean to repeat a course to earn a better grade provided that the course is one that cannot be repeated for additional credit (e.g., applied music lessons, acting courses, coaching, ensembles and productions, stagecraft, studio dance, and other related classes).  The grade first earned will remain on the transcript but only the latest grade will be used in computing grade point average and determining whether or not degree requirements have been met.

Students who fail a required course must repeat the course until a passing grade is received.  Students do not have to repeat a failed elective, but must pass another acceptable elective of comparable credit in order to meet graduation requirements.

Students receiving financial aid should consult with Student Financial Services before repeating a course already passed to determine the possible impact upon the student’s continuing eligibility for financial aid.

Withdrawing from Courses

Students may withdraw from courses and receive a grade of ‘W’ during the third through seventh weeks of the semester.  In the semester’s eighth through eleventh weeks, students may withdraw from courses with the written consent of the course instructor and receive a grade of ‘W.’  Differing subject matters, instructional methodologies and course objectives make it likely that instructors will have differing criteria for giving consent to withdrawal in this period. A Lawrenceville student who wishes to withdraw officially from one or more graduate or undergraduate courses must submit a written request and must obtain the approval of the associate dean or department chair of graduate studies, or dean of the respective school.

Withdrawals are not permitted during the last two weeks of class except for reasons of validated physical or psychological incapacitation as approved by the dean of the college. Reasons must be validated by the Dean of Students and approved by the academic dean of the college in which the student is enrolled. 

Students who do not withdraw officially from courses they fail to complete, will receive a grade of “F” for those courses.

Please refer to Financial Aid website for information regarding course withdrawals and refunds.