Full-Time Graduate Tuition Inclusion – Westminster Choir College

Full-time tuition charges are incurred by students who enroll for credit loads, including credit equivalents for non-credit and audited courses, which fall within the ranges indicated below. Further charges are incurred when full-time students exceed maximum load levels, excluding VC 593 or participation in auditioned choirs.

Please see Rider’s Financial Aid website for elective and part-time charges for elective music and dance study. 

Full graduate tuition includes:

  1. A minimum of 9 and maximum of 15 credits per semester, or the equivalent including undergraduate and non-credit courses.
  2. For required graduate primary applied music study, one hour per week of private instruction, except for Choral Conducting majors, who receive one half-hour per week of private instruction.
  3. Once all required primary, secondary or private composition applied requirements have been completed, all additional applied lessons will be billed at the elective rate given below.
  4. Students in double major programs with two different primary instruments will be billed for the second applied lesson at the elective rate.
  5. Any non-required private lesson will be billed at the elective rate given below. Graduate students in majors without applied requirements will be billed for applied lessons at the elective rate.
  6. Please see the table of applied lesson suffixes under “Applied Music” in the Academic Policies section of this catalog.  Registration for the incorrect suffix may result in an incorrect bill.