Italian (ITA)

ITA 100 Italian I 3 Credits

An introduction to the fundamentals of Italian grammar and vocabulary. Students will gain fluency in an immersion-style classroom as they gain cultural awareness. Students are expected to work extensively in an on-line program.

Prerequisite(s): placement test if Italian has been studied elsewhere.

ITA 101 Italian II 3 Credits

A continuation of ITA 100. Emphasis is on gaining oral mastery in a culturally authentic environment. The class continues to be immersion-style and students continue out-of-class practice in an on-line program.

Prerequisite(s): ITA 100 or placement test.

ITA 200 Italian III 3 Credits

Continuation of ITA 101. Students continue their mastery of Italian vocabulary and grammar in immersion-style classes. Continued emphasis on cultural competency and increased work in written Italian.

Prerequisite(s): ITA 101 or placement test.

ITA 201 Italian IV 3 Credits

Continuation of ITA 200. Students complete their study of basic grammar. Increased emphasis on writing and reading as students continue to master the spoken language.

Prerequisite(s): ITA 200 or placement test.

ITA 300 Advanced Italian Grammar and Conversatio 3 Credits

A study of advanced grammar and functional Italian vocabulary with an emphasis on spoken expression. Students will review previously-learned structures as they acquire new structures and idiomatic expressions in order to gain fluency and perfect their expression. Lessons will be organized around conversation topics. Class will be conducted in Italian.

Prerequisite(s): ITA 201.

ITA 305 Italian Literature I: 13th to 19th Cent. 3 Credits

A chronological overview of Italian literature from the poets of the 13th and 14th centuries and the fathers of the Italian literature (Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio) to the 19th century through the study of prose and poetry. Emergence of the Italian language and nation will be examined beside regionalism and use of dialects in both poetry and prose. This course will satisfy the literature requirement for the minor and will be conducted in Italian.

Prerequisite(s): ITA 201.

ITA 306 Italian Literature Ii: the 20th Century 3 Credits

An examination of 20th-century literature through the works of authors like Pirandello, d’Annunzio, Ungaretti, Montale, Luzi, Primo Levi, Maraini, Ginzburg, Calvino, Eco, Sciascia. Students will read selected short stories, plays, poems, and novels. This course will satisfy the literature requirement for the minor and will be conducted in Italian.

Prerequisite(s): ITA 201.

ITA 310 Italian Culture and Civilization 3 Credits

This course will introduce students to Italy’s cultural heritage and contemporary place in Europe. Students will examine Italy’s historical development from the fall of the Roman Empire to current times. Students will become familiar with its geography, and they will examine the role of religion and the impact of regionalism on Italian identity. Topics include Italy’s political structure, contribution to the arts, cuisine, geography, and other topics. Students will also examine stereotypes of Italian Americans as well as the changing face of immigration. The course will be conducted in English.

ITA 496 Special Studies 3 Credits

A seminar open to a variety of topics treating a particular author, period, genre, or theme.

Prerequisite(s): ITA 201.