Fine Arts (ART)

ART 103 Fundamentals of Drawing 3 Credits

An intensive study of drawing techniques in charcoal, pencil, and pen and ink.

ART 104 Survey of Art History I 3 Credits

The history of Western art, architecture, sculpture, painting from prehistoric times through the Middle Ages, emphasizing the relation between the arts and ideas of each period.

ART 105 Design 3 Credits

Basic concepts of composition, form, texture, value, and color in two-dimensional design are explored.

ART 106 Survey of Art History II 3 Credits

The history of Western art, architecture, sculpture, painting from the Renaissance to the present, emphasizing the relation between the arts and ideas of each period.

ART 120 Art and Society 3 Credits

Masterpieces of architecture, painting, and sculpture are related to their historical periods, providing an appreciation for and understanding of the vital interaction of art and society.

ART 199 Arts in Contemporary Civilization 3 Credits

An integral study of the arts and their place in contemporary American life. Includes attendance at several events in art, music, and drama. Spring.

ART 201 Art of the Ancient World 3 Credits

The arts of ancient man from prehistoric times to the fall of the Roman Empire.

ART 204 Fundamentals of Painting 3 Credits

Introduces students to the materials and techniques of oil or acrylic painting. Emphasis on experimentation and the development of individual expression in a variety of subject matters.

Prerequisite(s): ART 103 or concurrently.

ART 207 Medieval and Renaissance Art 3 Credits

A study of the major monuments of architecture, painting, and sculpture created in Western Europe between 300 and 1600. Particular emphasis on the history of Christian art, from its beginnings in the Roman catacombs, to the great monasteries and cathedrals of the High Middle Ages, to the revival of ancient Roman grandeur and forms in the Renaissance.

ART 209 Art of the Baroque 3 Credits

The art of the 17th century in southern and northern Europe.

ART 214 American Art 3 Credits

The development of the arts from colonial America to World War I. Discusses major economic, social, and political factors that influenced the course of American art history.

ART 227 Gallery Management 3 Credits

Designed to provide students with the experience of working in all aspects of art gallery management. It is intended for students regardless of their major who wish to add the dimension of art to their college experience through direct hands-on curatorship of the Rider Art Gallery.

ART 230 Three-Dimensional Design 3 Credits

Beginning problems in traditional sculptural materials (clay, wood, stone) and design-construction in mixed media.

ART 303 19th Century Art 3 Credits

An in-depth study of the major art movements in 19th-century Europe, from Neoclassicism to Postimpressionism.

ART 304 Drawing II 3 Credits

Studies the art of drawing beyond the introductory level with an emphasis on greater self-expression, advanced technical skills, and a variety of drawing media.

Prerequisite(s): ART 103.

ART 305 Intermediate Painting A-B-C 3 Credits

Studio courses designed to expand the student’s creative experience in painting with emphasis of greater self-expression. Students will be presented with specific painting projects that originate from conceptual or perceptual responses to reality (still life, landscape, figure) and to imagination (dreams, fantasy, invention). Class trips to galleries and museums are included. May be taken three times.

Prerequisite(s): ART 204.

ART 306 Art of the 20th Century 3 Credits

The major artists and movements in the history of 20th-century painting and sculpture from Postimpressionism. Slide lectures, class discussion, field trips.

ART 310 Figure Drawing and Painting 3 Credits

Students will draw and paint from various sources, including the live model, clothed and nude, to understand the structures, gestures, and psychological aspects of the human body in art.

Prerequisite(s): ART 103 and ART 204.

ART 335 Printmaking 3 Credits

A studio introduction to various traditional and contemporary relief printmaking techniques.

ART 490 Independent Research and Study 1-4 Credits

Students may pursue a special topic for which they have prepared through prior course work. Only one project may be scheduled in a semester. The project may involve 1 to 4 credit hours. Approval of the faculty sponsor, department chair, and dean required prior to enrollment.

Prerequisite(s): junior or senior standing, good academic standing.

ART 491 Internship in Art 1-12 Credits

Provides junior or senior fine arts majors with concentrations in art with the practical experience of working with a museum or professional art gallery. Students must be sponsored by an art professor. For each academic credit, interns must work 48 hours for the semester or approximately 3.7 hours each week.

Prerequisite(s): permission of instructor.

ART 492 Advanced Studio Workshop 3 Credits

Intensive course in various media for students working at an advanced level in studio disciplines. A high level of achievement is expected. May be taken more than once for credit.

Prerequisite(s): two upper-level studio courses.

ART 493 Special Topics in Studio Art 3 Credits

Study in drawing and painting of a particular style, such as abstraction or subject, such as still life; or particular aspects on a museum collection, such as the Metropolitan.

Prerequisite(s): ART 103 and ART 105 or Permission of Instructor.

ART 495 Selected Topics in Art History 3 Credits

An intensive study of a particular art history topic, e.g., a single artist, artistic center, or artistic medium. Slide lectures, class discussion, field trips, class reports. Topics to be announced.

ART 496 Fine Arts Internship 6-12 Credits

ART 499 Senior Honors Program 3 Credits

A senior honors program may be submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for graduation with honors in fine arts. Honors work is limited to those departmental majors with a GPA of 3.5 in fine arts courses and cognates. The program, planned under the direction of a faculty advisor, represents a culmination of demonstrated excellence in a specific area of fine arts. Candidates for honors in fine arts must be approved by the department chairperson and the faculty.