Social & Physical Science (SP)

SP 171 Western Civ I 3 Credits

This survey history course presents a cohesive picture of the development of Western societies from prehistoric times to the early Renaissance. Social, political and economic aspects are covered; intellectual and cultural developments are emphasized. Familiarity with primary sources and critical reading are integral to the course.

SP 172 Western Civ II 3 Credits

Continuation of SP171. This survey history course covers developments in Western societies from the Renaissance to the present. Major intellectual and cultural trends and movements are presented, along with historical progress and socio-economic expansion.

SP 273 Developmental Psychology 3 Credits

The physical and psychological growth of the individual from infancy through adolescence is studied, with emphasis on cognitive, emotional, and social processes.

Prerequisite(s): SP 175.

SP 274 Educational Psychology 3 Credits

The psychological foundations of education, based on the findings of experimental research in learning, transfer, motivation, reinforcement, and behavioral modification.

Prerequisite(s): PSY 100.

SP 286 Life in Middle Ages 3 Credits

A seminar in which the life styles of medieval Europeans are studied. Students will develop an understanding of particular social organizations and problems of the period by examining the conditions and events of everyday medieval life. Offered in rotation with other History courses.

SP 408 Voice Science 3 Credits

Study of the physics and physiology of voice production. Musical and vocal acoustics are explored using the facilities of the Westminster Voice Laboratory. Anatomic and physiologic underpinnings of respiration, phonation, articulation, registration and hearing are explored in depth.

Corequisite(s): CR 509.