Leadership Development Program (LDP)

LDP 200 Foundations of Leadership 3 Credits

This course provides students with a working model of leadership to guide their personal leadership development. It also exposes students to insights about leadership from respected commentators, scholars, and practitioners. Finally, it provides students with an opportunity to actively “do” leadership through experiential learning activities.

LDP 220 Service Learning Through Minding Our Bus 3 Credits

A community service mentoring project designed to promote leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurship among Trenton youth through a school-based team mentoring model. Students will undergo intensive training in leadership skills, communication skills, team building skills, cultural diversity, small business entrepreneurship, and problems of early adolescent development prior to their fieldwork experience. Students will form teams to mentor groups of students at a Trenton middle-school in the creation and management of their own microbusinesses. Student journals, quizzes, field trips and class meetings will serve to organize and structure experiential learning.

Prerequisite(s): permission of instructor.

LDP 398 The Co-op Experience Seminar 3-6 Credits

This course will typically meet one day per week during the co-operative experience. The seminar is designed to expose participants to appropriate interdisciplinary content, ethical principles, professionalism, group and organizational behavior, interpersonal communication skills, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Students may be assessed on presentations, papers, journals and other measures as defined in a placement contract mutually agreed upon by the sponsoring faculty member, the organizational representative of the placement site, and the student. The proposed placement contract requires departmental approval and the approval of the appropriate office of the dean. Contact the appropriate department for additional information. Prerequisite(s): junior standing and 2.75 GPA at time of registration.

Corequisite(s): (dept) 399 The Co-operative Experience; LDP 398 and (dept) 399 combined cannot exceed 15 credits.