Arts Administration (AAD)

AAD 100 Arts Administration Laboratory 0 Credits

Arts Administration majors explore, expand and employ practical application skillsets relative to required Practicum work and sequentially in preparation for required Internship(s) and eventual employment over three sequential semesters: Sophomore Fall, Sophomore Spring and Junior Fall. Lab coincides with and supports work being done in satisfaction of three, 1-credit practicum credits that must be registered simultaneously.

AAD 121 Intro to Arts Administration 3 Credits

A survey course that covers topics relevant to administering the arts, and includes reviewing state and federal legislation to non-profit organizations, non-profit agency structure, long range planning, board development, marketing, fundraising, public relations, advocacy, budget, human resources and ongoing compliance issues. Students will have opportunities to interact with professionals in the field and explore career options.

AAD 202 Commun/Marketing in Arts 3 Credits

Intended for arts or business majors interested in arts management, this course immerses students in the fundamentals of promoting the arts, from grassroots public relations to basic marketing concepts and applications. Students will have opportunities to interact with professionals in the field and explore career options.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121 and LL 131, or permission of instructor.

AAD 203 Arts Fundraising 3 Credits

Provides students with an understanding of the ethics, strategies and practices of fundraising for non-profit arts agencies. Students gain an understanding of the role of the development office in a non-profit arts agency, prepare for careers in arts management by increasing the skills necessary to function, and learn to plan a multi-faceted fundraising campaign effectively.

Prerequisite(s): CMP 120 or LL 131.

AAD 204 Arts Outreach & Education 3 Credits

This course examines essential educational components of arts institutions, how they evolve and are produced, and will assess the importance of educational programming to arts organizations and the communities they serve.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121.

AAD 225 Arts Administration Practicum 1 Credits

Under faculty advisement and project site supervision, students complete a total of three, 1-credit (33-hour) "mini-internships" or practicum projects in service to the field, sequentially in the Sophomore Fall, Sophomore Spring, and Junior Fall semesters, simultaneous to Arts Administration Lab. The first practicum project is in connection with Box Office and Patron Service to Rider Performing Arts. The second is in connection with a project of the student's choosing in service to the arts on campus or beyond. The third is in connection with a project of the student's choosing in service to the field in an outside, professional setting.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121.

AAD 306 Business and Art of Recording 3 Credits

Survey of the recording industry. Responsibilities of the label and producer, copyrights, royalties, residuals, publishing, contracts and artist development, promotion, distribution, product management, domestic and international licensing, and related technology.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121 and CBA 110 Introduction to Business.

AAD 307 Touring and Production Management 3 Credits

Organizing, marketing and managing tours. Responsibilities of the booking agent, tour manager, and performers. Case studies, relationships, contracts with venues, transportation companies, housing, and unions, budgeting, press kits, and insurance.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121, CBA 110.

AAD 308 Legal Aspects of the Arts 3 Credits

A survey of legal issues in the arts and entertainment industries, examining the relationship between arts and the law – from cultural property rights to intellectual property, copyright and beyond.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121.

AAD 309 Arts Events & Festivals Mgt 3 Credits

Students learn to develop, produce, and staff successful arts events while refining planning skills through practice with theoretical and real arts event venues and participating in the production and management of actual events.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121.

AAD 310 Acquiring & Managing Talent in Arts & Entertainment Industries 3 Credits

This course teaches foundations of professional talent management and explores the many ways by which the role of today’s artist manager has evolved and expanded, particularly in an era of “independent” artists seeking managers who can act as CEO’s. The course explores the many facets which an artist manager oversees, from launching an artist’s career to building a successful and enduring business and fan base. Topics of exploration include talent acquisition, the artist/manager partnership, contracts, strategic planning, branding and more relating to managing all key aspects of an artist’s career. Students will gain deep understanding of the dynamic roles which managers and agents play in the entertainment business as the “backbone of our industry” and of the pathways to career success as artist managers & representatives. Aspiring artists will find guidance in self-management and choosing the right partners. Other aspiring entertainment professionals will learn how to effectively engage with artist managers & agents as essential components in the broader ecology of professional arts & entertainment.

Prerequisite: Arts & Entertainment Industries Management majors or minors only except by permission of Dean. AAD 121, AAD 202.

AAD 312 Art & Business of Commercial Deal-Making in Arts & Entertainment 3 Credits

This course explores all practical aspects of deal-making in commercial entertainment and the art of negotiation as the catalyst for success. Through forensic analysis & discussion of multiple types and structures of short and long-form agreements and the wide variety of provisions to be found therein, students will gain knowledge of key legal, historical, discipline-specific and industry-wide contexts of deal-making. Readings and lectures will focus on the nuts and bolts of negotiation – from essential research processes to finding and exercising bargaining power to knowing when to compromise and when to withdraw. Skills gained will be exercised through role-play, writing and ongoing analysis of peer and professional contracts. Students will gain and exercise deep understanding of agreements across multiple disciplines and the common elements therein including agency, personal management, personal appearance, merchandising, endorsements, creative ownership and union influence will be explored, as well as the unique characteristics which apply to distinct disciplines.

Prerequisite(s): Arts & Entertainment Industries Management majors or minors only except by permission of Dean. AAD 121, AAD 202.

AAD 314 Commerce and Merchandising in Arts & Entertainment 3 Credits

This course builds upon foundational knowledge gained in “Arts Marketing & Communications,” exploring the far-reaching and highly lucrative aspects of commercializing and merchandizing creative output across the many disciplines which comprise the arts & entertainment industries. Creative output in the form of a commercial film, Broadway hit, top-selling album or live performance establishes a point of departure into a massive world of merchandising where brand is king, franchises flourish and sequels make (and break) futures. Students will gain deep understanding of how strategic marketing campaigns develop, run and catalyze broader merchandising, commerce and franchise potential. Readings, lectures and case-based analyses will investigate successful corporate models, strategies and tools for maximizing commercial potential and earnings in the global commercial arts & entertainment marketplace. From relationship and influencer-based approaches across traditional and digital platforms to the tools which maximize celebrity branding, tap global merchandising capacity and harness new technologies that drive innovation, this course introduces aspiring arts & entertainment leaders to the foundations of commercial success.

Prerequisite: Arts & Entertainment Industries Management majors or minors only except by permission of Dean. AAD 121, AAD 202.

AAD 316 Data Analytics in Commercial Entertainment 3 Credits

Data analytics is a driving force of today’s entertainment industry as companies face new business models for creating, marketing and distributing creative output to consumers who access content anywhere, at any time and on any device. It is transforming businesses, social interactions and how entertainment is marketed and consumed. With the explosion of social media, entertainment streaming platforms and online distribution, the amount of data available has reached unprecedented levels. Hiring skilled people who know how to collect and interpret big data is crucial. This course explores the many ways by which data is used to develop detailed understanding of consumer preferences and behaviors, inform production, advertising and distribution strategies, forecast performance and help increase efficiency. Students will learn how to retrieve, analyze and apply data for successful outcomes in today’s entertainment industry, helping companies seize upon ever-expanding opportunities to utilize data to identify and understand new audiences, increase content exposure and identify new products and services.

Prerequisite(s): Arts & Entertainment Industries Management majors or minors only except by permission of Dean. AAD 121, AAD 202.

AAD 318 Music Publishing 3 Credits

This course teaches foundational concepts, context, tools, and function of music publishing as an essential force in today’s ever-evolving music industry. Students examine the many roles which the music publisher plays in the acquisition, market development and administration of copyrighted musical works. Through case-based analysis of the inner workings of major, independent and self-owned music publishing companies, students will gain understanding of the depth, breadth and scope of this fascinating aspect of the business. Discussion will encompass the fundamentals of copyright, types of publishing deals, income streams, registrations and collection, foreign sub-publishing deals, and the rights and royalties applicable to copyrighted musical work. Students will also learn how music is licensed for use in film, television, advertising, theatrical performance, game and other forms of interactive media, as well as an overview of the administrative aspects of these uses and the ways by which legislative action impacts opportunities and earnings of copyright holders. Lastly, students will explore the creative and administrative responsibilities involved in establishing their own music publishing company.

Prerequisite(s): Arts & Entertainment Industries Management majors or minors only except by permission of Dean. AAD 121, AAD 202.

AAD 320 Licensing & Distributing Arts & Entertainment 3 Credits

Course Description: Licensing and/or distribution of creative output powers nearly every aspect of the arts and entertainment industries as significant brand builders and revenue-generators for intellectual property owners. This course delivers foundational knowledge of the many ways by which music, theater, dance film and other media are licensed for commercial use or otherwise distributed directly to vendors and consumers. Discussion encompasses the various types and purposes of license, key points of negotiation, parties, agreements and business constructs involved in licensing and distribution deals across multiple entertainment sectors. Through readings, lectures and case-based analysis students will study the means of directly and indirectly getting works out into the marketplace, as well as the risks and rewards that may result. Through comparative analysis of traditional and contemporary professional agreements, students will come to understand how licensing and distribution contracts, modalities, administration and payments have evolved, and what the future holds for this vital engine of the arts & entertainment industries.

Prerequisite(s): Arts & Entertainment Industries Management majors or minors only except by permission of Dean. AAD 121, AAD 202.

AAD 322 Policy Perspectives on Arts & Entertainment 3 Credits

This course delivers foundational knowledge of the historical evolution, current state, and anticipated future of legislative actions, general policies and protocols impacting the many diverse components of arts and entertainment. Students will gain understanding of the several stakeholders, advocates and allies involved in the process of shaping policy and effectuating legislation, from lobbyists and industry leaders to politicians and the constituents whom they represent. Discussion will also encompass the expanding role and reach of the internet and streaming services which have often driven, and too often outpaced legislative agendas, putting the rights and benefits of intellectual property owners at risk through inequitable compensation practices, usurping of rights and expanding of global piracy. Case-based analysis will afford insight into current and anticipated lobbying agendas, legislative action (or inaction) on Capitol Hill, resolutions in process and recent legislation in action. Students will create an advocacy campaign around a pertinent issue facing arts & entertainment today, and strategize an effective lobbying process in order to gain direct insight and inspiration to become lifelong agents for change.

Prerequisite(s): Arts & Entertainment Industries Management majors or minors only except by permission of Dean. AAD 121, AAD 308.

AAD 350 Arts Venue and Patron Services Management 3 Credits

Integrating workplace with organizational mission: administration, staff, general public, artists. Internal control, artist/employee contracts, collective bargaining, health and safety issues, facilities operation, inventory, cultivation and maintenance of clientele and audience.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121.

AAD 351 Crossing Cultural Borders 3 Credits

Course includes two weeks at an international arts organization, meeting and shadowing administrative staff, studying management styles, finance, and operational procedures, and attending all possible events during the visit. Travel fee required. May be repeated.

Prerequisite(s): Junior standing.

AAD 375 Special Topics: Arts Admin 3 Credits

Intensive study or activity in a specific area of Arts Administration. The content will vary with social/cultural events and/or interests and qualifications of the professor. May be repeated for credit. Fee may be required.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121 or CBA 110 or permission of instructor.

AAD 401 New York Arts Network 3 Credits

Students learns how arts institutions of varying scope, size and function and how administrators keep them running by spending focused, intensive time with them on their own turf.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121, AAD 202 and AAD 203.

AAD 490 Independent Research and Study 1-4 Credits

This self-motivated, self-directed course culminates in a complete project. The student and the faculty advisor will mutually develop the scope of each project. It will be designed to demonstrate the student’s entrepreneurial skills and provide an opportunity for practical application of the curriculum.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 202, AAD 203, and either AAD 121 or CBA 110.

AAD 491 Arts Management Internship 3-12 Credits

Arts Administration majors are required to spend 13 weeks of on-site participation in a broad range of daily operations at an internship site. In addition, there are group meetings with all students participating in internships and site-analysis assignments given under the direction of Arts and Sciences faculty. Students may enroll for a maximum of 6 credits of internships.

Prerequisite(s): Junior standing.