Game and Interactive Media Design (GAM)

Courses and Descriptions

GAM 100 Game & Interactive Media Forum 0 Credits

Game & Interactive Media Forum is a once-per-month gathering of all Game majors from across the university’s different Colleges. The forum will be an opportunity for students focusing on different backgrounds to engage together in industry-related topics and skills.

GAM 150 Intro to Game Studies 3 Credits

Intro to Game Studies surveys the history of video games and gaming culture against the social and political contexts that shape and are shaped by games.

GAM 200 Game Design 3 Credits

Game Design introduces students to the basic concepts of game design, covering game rules, iterations, and playtesting. Students will work with hands-on material to develop design techniques and instincts outside of digital work spaces.

GAM 201 Game Development I 3 Credits

Game Development I introduces students to industry-standard software and the basics of user experience and collaborative game design.

Prerequisite(s): ART 150, CIS 200 and GAM 200.

GAM 301 Game Development II 3 Credits

Game Development II extends students’ knowledge of industry-standard software, building on GAM 201 and progressing toward advanced concepts of user experience and collaborative game design.

Prerequisite(s): GAM 201.

GAM 310 Special Topics in Game Design 3 Credits

Special Topics in Game Design applies students’ knowledge of game design and the development software that helps them realize their design toward specific prototyping goals. The subject of GAM 310 will rotate each semester; GAM majors must complete two semesters of 310 without duplicating topics.

Prerequisite(s): GAM 200.

GAM 330 Soundtracks and Foley 3 Credits

Soundtracks and Foley covers dialog, music, and foley in filmic settings, with a specific focus on game environments.

Prerequisite(s): MUS 216.

GAM 401 Game Workshop I 3 Credits

Game Workshop I places students in multidisciplinary project teams. Each team will create a game prototype over the course of the semester that demonstrates each student’s mastery of their area of specialization and the team’s ability to work together.

Prerequisite(s): GAM 301.

GAM 402 Game Workshop II 3 Credits

Game Workshop II places students in multidisciplinary project teams and builds on skills developed in Game Workshop I.

Prerequisite(s): GAM 310.

GAM 491 Internship in Game Design 3-6 Credits

Internship in Game Design places students in industry work environments, overseen by a site supervisor.

Prerequisite(s): GAM 310.