Foreign Language and Literature Education (FLE)

FLE 320 Introduction to Linguistics and Psycholinguistics 3 Credits

This course provides an introduction to general linguistics and basic contrastive study of English, French, German, and Spanish sounds, forms, and syntax. Students visit schools where they interview language learners and sample their speech for analysis. Applications of these studies are made to creating instructional materials and to teaching. Theories of language acquisition as well as factors affecting second language learning, including learning styles and personality, are studied. A rationale for communicative language teaching and learning is constructed. Note: This course is cross-listed as EDU 320. Students may not get credit for both FLE 320 and EDU 320.

FLE 420 Teaching a Second Language 3 Credits

This course focuses on interactive methods of teaching a new language as well as cross- cultural understanding. Students learn to plan using national and state standards for language instruction, organize activities, design and direct language learning tasks, and assess learning. Includes theoretical positions on communicative learning and teaching, the use and evaluation of currently used materials, the design of new materials, and field experiences in the language to be taught. Students develop their professional portfolios and philosophy of second language teaching, prepare a thematic unit of study, and present lesson segments. Open to prospective world language teachers, ESL and bilingual teachers, as well as practicing teachers seeking certification. Note: This course is cross-listed as SED 420. Students may not get credit for both FLE 420 and SED 420. A cumulative GPA of 2.75 is required.

Prerequisite(s): EDU 106 and EDU 206.