Advertising (ADV)

ADV 315 Media Planning and Strategy 3 Credits

This course focuses on the essential principles, measurements, procedures and problems encountered in determining appropriate media in which to place specific kinds of advertising messages designed to reach closely defined target audiences. The advantages and disadvantages of all media will be discussed from an advertising perspective. Specific audience and cost calculations and analyses will be used to develop comprehensive media plans.

Prerequisite(s): either ADV 200 or MKT 205. Required for advertising majors.

ADV 435 Advertising Campaigns 3 Credits

This capstone course for advertising majors provides an opportunity for students to plan comprehensive advertising campaigns. Coverage includes segmentation research, creative development of the campaign, media planning, and determining advertising effectiveness. Integration of advertising into the marketing program will be emphasized. Required for advertising majors.

Prerequisite(s): ADV 311, ADV 315; advertising major or minor, senior standing or permission of instructor.

ADV 490 Independent Research and Study 1-4 Credits

Topic to be approved by the professor and chairperson. Available for juniors and seniors. No more than 12 credits allowed toward graduation, which may be counted as a business or free elective.

ADV 491 Internship-Based Indep Study 3 Credits

Provides the student an opportunity to supplement and apply classroom work in supervised employment with participating marketing and advertising firms. Requirements include a journal with a log of daily activities, and a project or term paper presented to and evaluated by the internship sponsor. Evaluation will also include a report by the company on the intern’s performance. Credits may be used to satisfy business or free elective requirements.

Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor.