Exercise Science (EXS)

EXS 121 Exercise Injury Control and Management 3 Credits

This course is designed to provide the participant with entry level knowledge, competence, and skill in the care and prevention of injuries sustained during physical activity, sport, and exercise. This course includes units dealing with basic anatomy of common injuries, evaluation techniques, preventive measures to reduce the incidences of injuries and a knowledge of basic treatment procedures to be used after injuries occur. Legal and ethical issues will also be discussed.

EXS 320 Exercise Physiology 3 Credits

An entry level exploration of the physiological processes, metabolic requirements, and consequences of exercise in humans. Emphasis is placed on bioenergetics, as well as circulatory, respiratory, and neuromuscular responses to the physical stress of exercise performed for health and disease prevention.

Prerequisite(s): BIO 221, BIO 222.

EXS 321 Exercise Physiology Laboratory 1 Credits

EXS 321 is the laboratory course that accompanies EXS 320. Topics will include entry-level practical skills and competencies related to exercise capacity evaluation, interpretation of exercise data, and application of exercise interventions in a clinical setting. Prerequisite(s): BIO 221, 222 Co-requisite(s): EXS 320.

EXS 340 Exercise Testing & Prescription 3 Credits

An advanced, competency based course in the evidence based evaluation and prescription of exercise interventions in healthy and clinical populations. Prerequisite(s): EXS 320 Co-requisite(s): EXS 341.

EXS 341 Exercise Testing & Prescription - Lab 1 Credits

An advance, competency based laboratory course in the evidence based evaluation and prescription of exercise interventions in healthy and clinical populations Prerequisite(s): EXS 320 Co-requisite(s): EXS 340.

EXS 360 Foundations of Strength and Conditioning 4 Credits

This course examines the advanced methods and techniques associated with the design of strength and conditioning programs to enhance human performance in sport and fitness. This course is designed to develop, enhance, and apply knowledge and skills to prepare the student for the profession of strength and conditioning. Prerequisite(s): EXS 320, EXS 321, HSC 302.

Corequisite(s): EXS 360L.

EXS 401 Organization and Administration in Exercise Science 3 Credits

This course examines the various issues, policies, and procedures involved with administrative aspects of exercise science in traditional and non-traditional settings. Emphasis is on administrative concepts, facility design, budgeting and equipment purchasing, personnel management, record keeping, and legal liability.

Prerequisite(s): EXS 360.

EXS 405 Special Populations & Considerations 3 Credits

This course is an advanced course in exercise programming for a variety of unique populations. Pathophysiology and considerations relative to diseases of the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and immunologic systems will be discussed. Recommended modifications and evidence based techniques that support fitness programming for individuals with specific exercise needs will be explored.

Prerequisite(s): EXS 320.