Sport Management (SPT)

SPT 250 Introduction to the Business of Sports 3 Credits

This course is designed to introduce the student to the business of sports. Business principles, such as management, marketing, law, finance and economics will be applied to the business of sports. The course will also explore the various career opportunities in the world of sports.

SPT 320 Business of Global Sport 3 Credits

The course explores the diverse challenges and issues facing the managers of sports enterprises in the context of the global marketplace. Issues of governance, cross-cultural interactions and business activities will be examined as they relate to modern sport at the international level. By evaluating case studies and examining current issues in the field, students will gain an understanding of the relationships and responsibilities associated with being a business professional in the global sport industry.

SPT 325 Financial Management in the Sport Industry 3 Credits

This course is designed to build upon earlier knowledge from courses in economics, accounting and finance that emphasizes the sports industry and the challenge for financial managers in areas such as stadium/arena financing, financial analysis and valuation. Business models and their financial implications for media and sports related enterprises as well as the business of college athletics will also be covered.

SPT 355 Sports and the Law 3 Credits

Examines the legal, ethical, economic, social and managerial issues related to sports. Topics include liability issues, contracts, employment discrimination, antitrust law, and constitutional law. This course is cross-listed as LAW 355. Students may not get credit for both SPT 355 and LAW 355.

SPT 450 Contemporary Issues in Sport Management 3 Credits

This course will address the theory, development, and application of analytics in sports. Analytics refers to the use of data and quantitative methods to measure performance and make decisions. Students will learn about the application of analytics in sports for purposes of strategy, player performance, team management, sports operations, and fantasy competitions. The class will consist of lectures, discussions, and guest speakers from the sports industry. Students will work on projects related to the use of analytics in the various professional sports leagues and college sports.

Prerequisite: SPT 250, senior standing, and completion of 15 credit hours in business of sports coursework or permission of instructor.