Theatre Design and Technology Minor

Theatre Design and Technology Minor Requirements

(20 credits)

Complete the following courses:
THE 115Stagecraft (CORE)3
THE 118Visual Imagination3
THE 190Production I1
THE 260History of Style and Decor3
THE 290Production II1
Select two of the following:6
Introduction to Theatrical Lighting and Sound
Introduction to Scenic Construction
Stage Make Up
Drafting for the Stage
Properties and Scenic Painting
Introduction to Costume Construction
Select one of the following:3
Scenic Design
Stage Lighting Design
Costume Design
Total Credits20

Courses and Descriptions

THE 115 Stagecraft 3 Credits

The theory and practice of construction and rigging of stage scenery is offered. Emphasis is on actual productions and road show set-ups. One lecture and two labs per week.

THE 118 Visual Imagination 3 Credits

Introduction to the visual world of theater design. Visual examples, physical exercises and handcraft of composition and style, with dramatic input and meaning. The course explores how to translate ideas in a dramatic text into a visual context.

THE 260 History of Style and Decor 3 Credits

This class is a survey of elements, furnishings, decorative motifs and trends in architecture, decor and fashion, starting with prehistory and moving through the early part of the 21st century. It is intended to be a visual survey of the major “periods” of both decor and fashion and is intended to help theatre artists to develop an understanding of visual history.

THE 190 Production I 1 Credits

Students carry out a technical theatre crew position for one or more theatre, musical theatre or dance productions during the semester of course registration. May be repeated seven times, for a total of eight credits.

THE 290 Production II 1 Credits

Students carry out an intermediate level technical theatre crew position for one or more theatre, musical theatre, or dance productions during the semester of course registration. Intermediate level technical theatre positions are supervisory positions or assistants to department heads which include, but not limited to, assistant to a designer, Stage Manager, Wardrobe Supervisor, and Master Carpenter.

Prerequisite(s): SO standing; 3 credits of THE 190.

THE 250 Introduction to Costume Construction 3 Credits

This course will introduce students to basic costume construction methods and alteration skills used by professional costume shops and costume houses to create theatrical costumes. Students will complete several projects, covering hand and machine sewing, cutting, fabric identification, and will also learn how to use home and commercial patterns to cut out garments and simple patterning and draping techniques. Students will also get practical experience by assisting the costume designer and/or shop manager in supporting the needs of the current productions and will have experience taking measurements, fitting and the alteration of actual costumes.

THE 216 Introduction to Scenic Construction 3 Credits

This course will expose students to reading construction drawings, construction techniques, generating material lists, problem-solving, and material and time management as related to scenic construction. A shop participation requirement will allow students to apply course objectives within a real-time production schedule and construction environment.

THE 215 Introduction to Theatrical Lighting and Sound 3 Credits

This course will introduce students to basic lighting and sound principles and how those integrate into a theatrical performance. The main focus of the class will be analysis and application of lighting and sound equipment commonly used in live performance and how that equipment functions and is installed. The class will also touch on the design process, script analysis, and lighting color theory. These objectives will be achieved through in-depth lectures, class discussions, and hands-on demonstration sessions.

THE 224 Stage Make Up 3 Credits

Basic application of make up artistry and techniques for the stage. How it can help build a character, and how to apply to self and others.

THE 226 Drafting for the Stage 3 Credits

Covers essential drafting language for staged productions. Drafting of ground plans, sections, elevations, and renderings by hand and with computers.

Prerequisite(s): THE 118.

THE 227 Properties and Scenic Painting 3 Credits

Covers general aspects of scenic painting and props for the stage. Hands on exercises, needs and challenges of each area, how work is usually accomplished in the professional world. Explore different textures, materials and how to combine them.

Prerequisite(s): THE 115 or THE 118.

THE 317 Scenic Design 3 Credits

The study and application of design principles as related to the stage. Incorporates the design process, decor research, styles, materials, and construction technology.

Prerequisite(s): THE 118.

THE 318 Stage Lighting Design 3 Credits

The theory and practice of stage lighting as utilized in concept, dance, and theatre. Considers the nature of light, controlling light, color theory, electricity, electrical safety, and lighting design.

Prerequisite(s): THE 115 or THE 118.

THE 319 Costume Design 3 Credits

Introduction to tasks, skills and expertise of costume design and costuming techniques, relationship with other creative production and cast members. Students will create sketches and develop basic construction plans. Develop familiarity with fabrics, patterns, common challenges in costume design.

Prerequisite(s): THE 115 (for other Theatre majors) or THE 118 (for Design and Technology majors).