Transfer Credit While Currently Enrolled at Rider

Policy for students except for Westminster Choir College

Policy for Westminster Choir College students

All students except Westminster Choir College:

Students seeking permission to transfer credit from another accredited college after matriculating at Rider University:

  1. must complete an off-campus approval form at least 30 days in advance of the start of the proposed off-campus course, to be approved by the student's academic dean’s office.  If prior approval is not obtained, there is no guarantee that transfer credit will be granted;
  2. must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00;
  3. may not be within the final 30 credits of the Rider baccalaureate degree program.

Baccalaureate degree-seeking students with less than 60 credits may enroll in courses in either two-year or four-year accredited postsecondary institutions for transfer to a program of study at Rider as long as prior approval is obtained as described above.

Baccalaureate degree-seeking students with more than 60 credits may only enroll in courses in four-year accredited postsecondary institutions for transfer to a program of study at Rider as long as prior approval is obtained as described above.

Upon the completion of 21 credits, students pursuing a two-year (A.A.) program will not be permitted to enroll in courses at other institutions for transfer to that program of study at Rider University.

Credit by transfer from other institutions may be applied toward baccalaureate degrees under these conditions:

  1. An official transcript must be forwarded directly from the sending institution to the student’s academic dean’s office.
  2. A minimum grade of “C” or its equivalent is required for transfer of courses. Grades such as “pass” or “credit” are also acceptable.  Grades of “C-“ or below are not acceptable.
  3. Courses taken 10 or more years prior to entering Rider University are subject to individual evaluation for contemporary transfer applicability.
  4. Transfer credits are not associated with grades and are not included in grade point average calculation, except for courses taken at other colleges of Rider University or under the cooperative program between Westminster Choir College and Princeton University.
Westminster Choir College Students:
  1. Transfer credit is equivalent to the credit earned at the sending institution, except that credit by transfer may not exceed three credits per course.
  2. Many non-music courses may be transferred to satisfy Arts and Science requirements; excluded are courses dealing with highly technical or scientific subjects, specialized professional school courses, physical education courses and others determined by the college. The Arts and Science Program has the final authority in determining whether or not a specific course may transfer.
  3. Music courses are not transferable. Credit will be awarded, however, for all college-level music courses exempted by examinations, which are given only after a student has enrolled at Westminster.