Transfer Appeals

An appeal process for transfer course equivalency is open to students who have attended an accredited community college or four-year institution and have been admitted to a Rider degree program.   Course appeals will only be considered prior to the completion of the last 30 credits in the bachelor degree.

All communication regarding appeal[s] will be communicated to the student through Rider email.

The appeal process is as follows:

  1. For each course being appealed the student should submit the following information/documentation:
    1. Program the student is pursuing
    2. Course[s] the student wishes to appeal (include course number, title and the name of the transfer institution)
    3. Supporting documentation [course syllabus, course work] to justify appeal[s]  
    4. Desired outcome of appeal[s] [please check one]:
      • Substitution for a required course in the major, list course[s]: _______________
      • Substitution for a required course in the minor, list course[s]: _______________
      • Substitution for a core course, list course[s]: _______________
      • Transfer as a general or free elective
      • Transfer as a business elective [CBA only], list discipline or course prefix (e.g. MKT, ECO) _____
      • Other: _______________
  2. All appeals must be submitted electronically through the student's Rider email address to the Office of the Registrar at
  3. Appeals will be reviewed by the Transfer Appeals Committee.  A member of the Transfer Appeals Committee will respond to the student's petition fifteen [15] days after receipt of the appeal.

The Transfer Appeals Committee is comprised of the relevant department chair(s) or program director(s), as well as the dean or associate/assistant dean of the college/school in which the program resides.