Independent Study

In order to challenge students with exceptional talents and interests and to provide opportunities for individual study and research, independent study is available for credit to qualified students under the terms stated below. Each project must be directed by a Rider University faculty member.

The advisor-student relationship is one of mutual agreement between the faculty member and the student.  The choice of project is limited primarily by the availability of an advisor who has some knowledge and interest in the field.  Application forms are available in the office of the dean of the student’s college or school.

The following policies apply to independent study courses:

  1. Students must be a junior or senior in good academic standing with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or better.
  2. Approval for an independent study course must be secured in writing, normally during the term prior to that in which the study will be carried out, but in any case in advance of the first day of classes of the applicable term.  All proposals must be approved by the faculty/advisor, department chair, and by the office of the instructor’s dean and the office of the student’s dean.  Upon approval, the student must enroll by the end of the third week of class.
  3. A student may not enroll for more than one independent study course per term. Courses usually carry one to four credits, with a maximum of six allowable in special cases involving a full year of work.
  4. A maximum of 18 credits may be earned in all independent study courses.
  5. A student is expected to earn a minimum grade of “B” in any independent study course, as assigned by the faculty advisor for the project. A grade of “B-“ or lower may result in ineligibility for future independent study courses.