Engaged Learning Policy


“Engaged Learning” refers to activities in which students apply their knowledge in educational settings beyond the classroom; delve further with independent scholarship and creative expression; broaden their horizons with study abroad or cross-cultural encounters; become problem solvers, leaders and team members in their communities; and prepare for professional and civic lives that make a difference. Rider's students are required to complete at least two high-impact Engaged Learning Experiences that reflect the University’s strategic themes of leadership, ethics and social responsibility, and global and multicultural perspectives. These experiences will help students build bridges between their courses of study and the world in which they live.


All Rider University undergraduate students1,2  are required to earn a minimum of six points, spread across at least two of the following Engaged Learning categories. The six categories of Engaged Learning experiences are:

  1. Leadership and Mentoring
  2. Study Abroad and Cultural Exploration
  3. Guided Research and Scholarship
  4. Civic and Community Engagement
  5. Internship, Co-Op, and Field Work
  6. Arts, Media and Creativity

Earning Points

Academic courses

Credit bearing courses approved as Engaged Learning Experiences need not be submitted by students. Once a student completes a course that has been designated as Engaged Learning, points equal to the number of credits (no course will be awarded more than 3 points), will be automatically assigned by the Registrar’s Office.  The Registrar’s Office will insert the course on the Engaged Learning Transcript. A full list of the eligible courses is available on the Engaged Learning webpage.


When students engage in experiences that are not connected to academic courses, they must initiate the approval process themselves. Forms for student submissions of eligible experiences, are available in BroncNation. Guidelines for such submissions as well as the full list of eligible experiences are found on the Engaged Learning webpage.

Submitted experiences will be reviewed by designated approvers and upon approval will be listed on the student’s Engaged Learning Transcript. For experiences not approved, students may appeal to their academic dean.