Academic Classification

Students must carry 12 credit hours or more (or their equivalent) in a fall or spring semester to be considered a full-time student.  Normal progress toward a degree and academic classification consists of the following credit advancement:

  • Freshman: 0 – 23 hours
  • Sophomore: 24 – 53 hours
  • Junior: 54 – 89 hours             
  • Senior: 90 or more hours

On the Lawrenceville campus, a minimum of 120 hours and on the Princeton campus, a minimum of 124 hours are necessary for baccalaureate degree completion.  On both campuses, some degrees require more. College of Continuing Studies students require 60 credits for associate degree completion. 

Students receiving financial aid from any source need to be particularly concerned with their full-time status and making normal progress toward a degree.

In Westminster College of the Arts, special (non-degree) students are not enrolled in a program that will lead to a degree, although they may have previously completed a degree in the college.  They may enroll in courses at or below the 500-level at the discretion of appropriate academic personnel.  Those holding baccalaureate degrees who wish to take courses at the 600 or 700-level may be asked to qualify by means of completing the graduate application process or by satisfying other criteria.