Music Theory (TH)

Courses and Descriptions

TH 511 New Music Ensemble 1 Credits

This course provides an opportunity to perform new music, primarily works of fellow students. It will also provide instrumentalists an opportunity to develop their performance skills more fully.

TH 512 Chinese Music Ensemble 1 Credits

This course provides an opportunity to learn a Chinese instrument and to perform on it in an ensemble setting. Students will learn musical styles from different parts of China and the Chinese Diaspora.

TH 550 Keyboard Harmony 3 Credits

An intense exploration of and drill in musicianship-keyboard skills, including score reading, transposition, modulation, clef reading, figured bass realization, harmonizing melodies, improvising and lead sheet accompanying. Projects may include transposition of a number of songs (perhaps a complete set) into all keys, figured bass realization for a Bach cantata, improvisation of service music (prelude, offertory, interludes, chorale preludes, postlude), multiple re-harmonizations of hymns/chorales for a service and score reduction and performance of a movement of an orchestral work. May be taken as an undergraduate level II theory elective.

Prerequisite(s): Undergraduate, minimum "C-" grade in TH 241; Graduate, Removal of all theory deficiencies.

TH 608 Graduate Musicianship Review 4 Credits

Required for graduate students admitted with deficiencies in musicianship as determined by the graduate placement test in musicianship. This course assists students in learning and integrating aural, performance, analytical and composition skills. Both the theoretical and the practical portion must be passed individually in order to receive a passing grade. It is strongly recommended that this course be taken at the outset of graduate study.

TH 622 Electroacoustic Music 3 Credits

Advanced opportunities for creative activities utilizing the resources of Westminster’s Music Computing Center. Previous experience with sequencers and/or digital audio is expected.

Prerequisite(s): Removal of all music theory deficiencies.

TH 623 Seminar in Music Theory 3 Credits

The content of the course bearing this number will vary with the special interests and qualifications of the professor teaching it.

Prerequisite(s): Undergraduate, minimum "C-" grade in TH 241 and permission of instructor, or graduate student standing and removal of all music theory deficiencies.

TH 625 Composition 3 Credits

Class instruction in original composition. Projects and presentations.

Prerequisite(s): Graduate student standing and removal of all music theory deficiencies.

TH 645A Composition Primary 3 Credits

TH 645C Composition Elective 2 Credits

TH 645D Composition Elective 1 Credits

TH 645E Composition Primary 3 Credits

TH 645F Composition Primary 1 Credits

TH 655 Composition Project 3 Credits

Graduate-level private study in composition culminating in a major composition in one of the larger forms.

Prerequisite(s): three semesters of TH 645.

TH 690 Independent Research and Study 1-3 Credits

Students may pursue a special topic for which they have prepared through prior course work. Only one project may be scheduled in a semester. The project may involve 1-3 credit hours. Approval of the faculty sponsor, department chair, and dean required prior to the first day of the semester in which the project is to be completed. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 required.

Prerequisite(s): graduate standing.

TH 726 Analysis 3 Credits

A study of the compositional process as observed in selected tonal works, using the analytical approach of Heinrich Schenker.

Prerequisite(s): Removal of all music theory deficiencies.