Education Sociology (EDSO)

EDSO 501 Found of Counseling in Ed Settings: Referral Sources for Students and Students With Special Needs 3 Credits

The course provides overview of the foundations of counseling in educational settings, including the historical roots; current and future trends, roles, and functions in multicultural schools and higher education settings; comprehensive developmental counseling programs; ethical school and higher education counseling practices; and individual and group counseling and consultation strategies, and evidence-based interventions and evaluations. In addition, the course will address community social services and educational-based programs (including special education and disability laws and accommodations) available to special needs students, other individuals and groups experiencing learning disabilities, and other temporary or chronic maladjustment. Reviews principles and methods utilized by social agencies, schools, and higher education settings.

EDSO 510 Sociological and Cultural Foundations of Education 3 Credits

The American public school as a social organization which influences and is influenced by local, national and international cultural evolution. An exposition and analysis of the vibrant multicultural issues that sometimes determine the outcome of public education. An exploration of contemporary educational problems and challenges resulting from changing social and cultural conditions. A perceptive and reflective placement of these changes in a historical context to enable students put the future in perspective.