Arts and Entertainment Industries Management Minor

Program Overview

Arts and Entertainment Industries Management minor combines passion for the arts with the business know-how that keeps the arts an active and integral part of communities. A wide variety of opportunities abound for satisfying and rewarding careers in managing the arts, whether in the growing nonprofit sector or in for-profit entertainment, including: entertainment law, venue management, artist management and representation, producing, producing management, stage management, touring management, fundraising, marketing, educational programming, artist research and development, advocacy, policy development, outreach and gallery management. 


  • Minor in Arts and Entertainment Industries Management


Ivan Fuller
Chairperson, Fine Arts Department

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Associated Department: Department of Fine Arts

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Requirements for the Minor

Required Courses
AAD 121Intro to Arts Administration3
AAD 202Commun/Marketing in Arts3
AAD 204Arts Outreach & Education3
or AAD 350 Arts Venue and Patron Services Management
AAD Electives6
Select two of the following:
Arts Fundraising
Arts Outreach & Education
Arts Administration Practicum
plus 1 Production Tech Credit in Musical Theater, Theater or Dance
Business and Art of Recording
Touring and Production Management
Legal Aspects of the Arts
Arts Events & Festivals Mgt
Arts Venue and Patron Services Management
Crossing Cultural Borders
Special Topics: Arts Admin
AAD 400
Gallery Management
Other Elective3
Select one of the following:
Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to Business
Publication Design
Grant Proposals, Fundraising and Development
Personal Selling
Total Credits18

Courses and Descriptions

AAD 121 Intro to Arts Administration 3 Credits

A survey course that covers topics relevant to administering the arts, and includes reviewing state and federal legislation to non-profit organizations, non-profit agency structure, long range planning, board development, marketing, fundraising, public relations, advocacy, budget, human resources and ongoing compliance issues. Students will have opportunities to interact with professionals in the field and explore career options.

AAD 202 Commun/Marketing in Arts 3 Credits

Intended for arts or business majors interested in arts management, this course immerses students in the fundamentals of promoting the arts, from grassroots public relations to basic marketing concepts and applications. Students will have opportunities to interact with professionals in the field and explore career options.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121 and LL 131, or permission of instructor.

AAD 203 Arts Fundraising 3 Credits

Provides students with an understanding of the ethics, strategies and practices of fundraising for non-profit arts agencies. Students gain an understanding of the role of the development office in a non-profit arts agency, prepare for careers in arts management by increasing the skills necessary to function, and learn to plan a multi-faceted fundraising campaign effectively.

Prerequisite(s): CMP 120 or LL 131.

AAD 204 Arts Outreach & Education 3 Credits

This course examines essential educational components of arts institutions, how they evolve and are produced, and will assess the importance of educational programming to arts organizations and the communities they serve.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121.

AAD 225 Arts Administration Practicum 1 Credits

Under faculty advisement and project site supervision, students complete a total of three, 1-credit (33-hour) "mini-internships" or practicum projects in service to the field, sequentially in the Sophomore Fall, Sophomore Spring, and Junior Fall semesters, simultaneous to Arts Administration Lab. The first practicum project is in connection with Box Office and Patron Service to Rider Performing Arts. The second is in connection with a project of the student's choosing in service to the arts on campus or beyond. The third is in connection with a project of the student's choosing in service to the field in an outside, professional setting.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121.

AAD 306 Business and Art of Recording 3 Credits

Survey of the recording industry. Responsibilities of the label and producer, copyrights, royalties, residuals, publishing, contracts and artist development, promotion, distribution, product management, domestic and international licensing, and related technology.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121 and CBA 110 Introduction to Business.

AAD 307 Touring and Production Management 3 Credits

Organizing, marketing and managing tours. Responsibilities of the booking agent, tour manager, and performers. Case studies, relationships, contracts with venues, transportation companies, housing, and unions, budgeting, press kits, and insurance.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121, CBA 110.

AAD 308 Legal Aspects of the Arts 3 Credits

A survey of legal issues in the arts and entertainment industries, examining the relationship between arts and the law – from cultural property rights to intellectual property, copyright and beyond.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121.

AAD 309 Arts Events & Festivals Mgt 3 Credits

Students learn to develop, produce, and staff successful arts events while refining planning skills through practice with theoretical and real arts event venues and participating in the production and management of actual events.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121.

AAD 350 Arts Venue and Patron Services Management 3 Credits

Integrating workplace with organizational mission: administration, staff, general public, artists. Internal control, artist/employee contracts, collective bargaining, health and safety issues, facilities operation, inventory, cultivation and maintenance of clientele and audience.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121.

AAD 351 Crossing Cultural Borders 3 Credits

Course includes two weeks at an international arts organization, meeting and shadowing administrative staff, studying management styles, finance, and operational procedures, and attending all possible events during the visit. Travel fee required. May be repeated.

Prerequisite(s): Junior standing.

AAD 375 Special Topics: Arts Admin 3 Credits

Intensive study or activity in a specific area of Arts Administration. The content will vary with social/cultural events and/or interests and qualifications of the professor. May be repeated for credit. Fee may be required.

Prerequisite(s): AAD 121 or CBA 110 or permission of instructor.

ACC 210 Introduction to Accounting 3 Credits

This course provides an introduction to basic principles and methods of accounting essential to preparation, understanding and interpretation of financial statements. Topics include accounting for merchandising concerns, current assets, long-term assets, liabilities and equity accounts. A brief overview of internal control is also covered.

ART 227 Gallery Management 3 Credits

Designed to provide students with the experience of working in all aspects of art gallery management. It is intended for students regardless of their major who wish to add the dimension of art to their college experience through direct hands-on curatorship of the Rider Art Gallery.

CBA 110 Introduction to Business 3 Credits

COM 212 Digital Publication Design 3 Credits

Students will explore the relationships between theory and practice, tradition and innovation, history and ever changing technological and aesthetic trends in publication design. Students will learn to use graphic image and typography as design elements in print media, such as newspaper and newsletter, as well as online media, such as e-magazine and e-book. Students will also learn the interactivity design for online publications. The course directs students to apply these concepts and skills to the production of published materials with digital publishing systems.

ENG 322 Workplace Writing: Grant Proposals, Fundraising and Development 3 Credits

Students employ their analytical and writing skills to research and write grants for non- profit organizations in their local or regional communities. Fundraising and development activities on behalf of area organizations introduce them to career opportunities in this growing field.

Prerequisite(s): completion of composition requirements or permission of instructor.

MKT 340 Personal Selling 3 Credits

Examines persuasive techniques utilized in sales presentations conducted on a person-to-person basis. Major course emphasis is on developing effective selling techniques; understanding the company, its products and the role of the salesperson in implementing product/market strategies; understanding the customers and the selling environment; application of effective sales presentation techniques; recognizing selling opportunities and careers.

Prerequisite(s): MKT 200.