Master of Music in Sacred Music: Practical Pedagogy Track


This Sacred Music program offers an education of the highest quality and broadest scope to those musicians who aspire to be leaders of their time and place. An interdenominational program, it seeks to train church musicians to a high level of competency in the traditional ways of making sacred music while also striving to engage students in new ways of achieving liturgical excellence and spiritual depth in practices that respond to the various cultural forces that continue to transform the ways in which worship is accomplished in the 21st-century.  

In order to meet the needs of those musicians who may not find it feasible or expeditious to matriculate in the on-campus program offered during the academic year, this pedagogy-based track is delivered entirely online with the exception of one 3-week period during the summer of the student’s own choosing.  While still broad and comprehensive in its curricular design, it offers students a chance to focus on the practical side of making music for those who wish to concentrate on either working with children and youth or adults.  

Degrees Offered

  • M.M. in Sacred Music


Dr. Amanda Quist, D.M.A.
Associate Professor and Chair of Conducting, Organ and Sacred Music
Williamson Hall 43
609-921-7100, ext. 8244

Program Website:  Sacred Music
Associated Department:  Westminster Choir College

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Steve Pilkington • Associate Professor, Sacred Music, and Director of Chapel, 1992. B.A., St. Olaf College; M.M., University of Illinois; Ph.D., Drew University.
Kathleen Ebling Shaw • Adjunct Instructor, Sacred Music, 1991. B.M., Westminster Choir College.
Tom T. Shelton, Jr. • Assistant Professor, Sacred Music, 2012.  B.M., M.M., University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Major Area
SM 610Foundations of Music Ministry2
SM 631Worship Planning/21st Cent.3
SM 710Panorama of Sacred Music3
SM 722Theology, Liturgy & Worship3
Core Courses
MH 731Intro to Musicology3
Theory or Music History elective3
Core Elective3
Choral Festival2
Concentration Area - Adult Choral
CR 524Vocal Techniques for Choirs3
CR 621Choral Conducting I3
or Conducting Intensive Workshop - 1 week or Choral Institute at Oxford (must be accepted to conduct Course Conducting Intensive Workshop - 1 week or Choral Institute at Oxford (must be accepted to conduct Not Found
or not audit) Course not audit) Not Found
SM 625Choral Music for Adults1
SM 630Conducting Coaching 1,21-2
Concentration Area - Children's / Youth Pedagogy
CR 621Choral Conducting I3
or OR Conducting Intensive Workshop - 1 week or Choral Institute at Oxford (must be accepted to conduct Course OR Conducting Intensive Workshop - 1 week or Choral Institute at Oxford (must be accepted to conduct Not Found
or not audit) Course not audit) Not Found
SM 624Choral Music for Children1
SM 635ChoirTrainingForChildren/Youth3
SM 630Conducting Coaching 1, 21-2
Total Credits38-40

 Recital will be with their Church or Community Choir.


 Conducting/Coaching will be via Skype.

SM 509Jubilee Singers1
SM 510Conducting Adult Church Choirs: Pedagogy and Management2
SM 511Sacred Music Lab0
SM 512Conducting Children and Youth Church Choirs: Pedagogy and Management2
SM 517Concert Handbell Choir II1
SM 519Concert Handbell Choir I1
SM 525Conductors' Repertoire Ensemble1
SM 531Colloquium in Sacred Music2
SM 541Conducting Church Choirs:Ped & Mgt3
SM 610Foundations of Music Ministry2
SM 621Oratorio Solo Literature3
SM 624Choral Music for Children1
SM 625Choral Music for Adults1
SM 630Conducting Coaching1-2
SM 631Worship Planning/21st Cent.3
SM 632Collaborative Prep for Worship1
SM 635ChoirTrainingForChildren/Youth3
SM 640Liturgies3
SM 641Hymnology3
SM 654German Church Music3
SM 655Bach Cantatas3
SM 690Independent Study and Research1-3
SM 710Panorama of Sacred Music3
SM 712Hist of Sacred Music I3
SM 713Hist of Sacred Music II3
SM 722Theology, Liturgy & Worship3