Sacred Music (SM)

SM 509 Jubilee Singers 1 Credits

This auditioned ensemble is devoted to the performance of sacred music from the African-American tradition.

SM 511 Sacred Music Lab 0 Credits

Series of classes that addresses a variety of experiences in Sacred Music while rotating principal themes and ideas. Student preparation of monthly worship settings will put studied concepts into practice.

SM 517 Concert Handbell Choir II 1 Credits

Open to students who have had previous handbell experience. Intermediate to advanced repertoire, with opportunities for concert performance.

SM 519 Concert Handbell Choir I 1 Credits

A choir selected by audition from the most experienced and capable bell ringers among the student body at large. This ensemble utilizes advanced repertoire and techniques, aiming primarily at presenting concerts both on and off campus, including a two-week annual tour.

SM 525 Conductors' Repertoire Ensemble 1 Credits

An auditioned chamber ensemble, offered every semester, which provides conducting podium time and coaching to all interested members. It additionally serves the conducting needs of graduate Sacred Music majors.

Prerequisite(s): CR 215 or permission of instructor.

SM 531 Colloquium in Sacred Music 2 Credits

A lecture series/colloquium intended to address a wide variety of concerns in the field of Sacred Music while rotating principal themes and ideas.

SM 541 Conducting Church Choirs:Ped & Mgt 3 Credits

A practical course devoted to the building and maintenance of church music programs serving persons of all ages.

SM 621 Oratorio Solo Literature 3 Credits

A performance course surveying solo and ensemble portions of oratorios, masses, passions and cantatas from the early Baroque period to the present, with emphasis on approproiate performance techniques for stylistic integrity. Offered in rotation with other Sacred Music electives. 3 Credit hours.

SM 630 Conducting Coaching 1-2 Credits

Structured preparation and faculty coaching of the culminating choral recital in the graduate Sacred Music curriculum.

SM 631 Worship Planning/21st Cent. 3 Credits

Designed to facilitate the planning of worship, this practical course will be an immersion in the musical and theological materials available to those who create worship.

SM 632 Collaborative Prep for Worship 1 Credits

Through seminars, readings and common participation in chapel services, Westminster Choir College and Princeton Theological Seminary students will explore models for pastors and church musicians to prepare collaboratively for worship.

SM 640 Liturgies 3 Credits

A study of the origins of liturgy, its development in the main Christian traditions, and its relation to ecclesiastical history, with particular attention given to the differing styles and traditions of liturgical music. Contemporary liturgies are viewed against this historical background.

SM 641 Hymnology 3 Credits

A study of the origins and development of Christian hymnody, with reference to the theological emphases of various periods from the beginnings to the present, aiming to arouse interest in the textual and musical content of hymns and in their effective use in worship.

SM 655 Bach Cantatas 3 Credits

A study of the history, performance practices, and liturgical setting of the cantatas of J.S. Bach. Class performances of selected cantatas.

SM 690 Independent Study and Research 1-3 Credits

Students may pursue a special topic for which they have prepared through prior course work. Only one project may be scheduled in a semester. The project may involve 1-3 credit hours. Approval of the faculty sponsor, department chair, and dean required prior to the first day of the semester in which the project is to be completed. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 required.

Prerequisite(s): graduate standing.

SM 712 Hist of Sacred Music I 3 Credits

Study and research into the history of Western Christian music and its most important genres beginning with the Old Testament and continuing until the death of J.S. Bach in 1750.

SM 713 Hist of Sacred Music II 3 Credits

Continuation of SM 712, beginning with the Classical Viennese Mass and continuing until today. Emphasis on the development of the American church and its worship music.

SM 722 Theology, Liturgy & Worship 3 Credits

A detailed study of the Bible. Principal thematic and narrative elements are correlated to the development of the church’s historic liturgies and the theological principles behind them.