Music History (MH)

MH 247 Music Historiography I 3 Credits

Historiography I begins by exploring similarities and differences between various music cultures around the world, and continues with an examination of selected genres of Western Art Music of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Basic information literacy skills, such as searching library catalogs, databases and reading academic articles also will be covered.

Prerequisite(s): LL 131.

MH 248 Music Historiography II 3 Credits

Examines Western Art Music since 1750 and includes a research assignment that builds upon the information literacy skills gained in MH 247.

Prerequisite(s): MH 247.

MH 345 Music Since 1900 3 Credits

Examines controversies and aesthetic movements in 20th and 21st century music. Emphasis is placed upon critical reading and writing skills.

Prerequisite(s): MH 248.

MH 433 Seminar in Music History 3 Credits

The contents of courses carrying this number will vary with the special interests and qualifications of the instructors teaching them. Possible topics include period courses, courses from a distinct perspective, composer courses and genre courses.

Prerequisite(s): MH 248.

MH 490 Independent Research and Study 1-4 Credits

Students may pursue a special topic for which they have prepared through prior course work. Only one project may be scheduled in a semester. The project may involve 1-4 credit hours. Students may count up to a maximum of 18 independent study hours toward graduation. Approval of the faculty sponsor, department chair, and dean required prior to the first day of the semester in which the project is to be completed. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 required.

Prerequisite(s): junior or senior standing.