General Skills Requirements

The University community believes that the development of skills in critical thinking, communication, and computation are essential to the college experience. These skills are developed throughout students’ academic programs to provide links among academic disciplines and to support students’ intellectual progress and academic and career success. Principles of critical thinking are embedded in Rider University courses across the disciplines and are supported by curriculum development workshops for faculty. Core curriculum requirements are stated below.

All students entering the University as freshmen as of September 1, 1996 and after are required to fulfill the general skills requirements by completing the following:


Those students with an SAT EBRM (Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing) score of 470 or lower or ACT English score of less than 22 and High School GPA below 3.4 are required to successfully complete CRC 100 in the first semester of their Freshman year.


 CMP 120 or BHP 100; and CMP 125 (or CMP 203 or BHP 150): 6 credits.


As required by the students' college or school: 3–6 credits1