Russian (RUS)

RUS 100 Russian I 3 Credits

An introduction to the Russian language. This course emphasizes learning the Cyrillic alphabet, basic Russian grammar, and developing some skill in conversational Russian. Students are required to work extensively with audiotapes.

Prerequisite(s): placement test if Russian has been studied elsewhere.

RUS 101 Russian II 3 Credits

Continuation of RUS 100. In this course students learn to write the Cyrillic alphabet, not just print it. Readings to provide a useful basic vocabulary. Students are required to work extensively with audiotapes.

Prerequisite(s): RUS 100 or placement test.

RUS 200 Russian III 3 Credits

Intensive review of grammar with a continuation of developing skills in conversational Russian. Reading matter of greater difficulty is introduced for the development of a more extensive vocabulary. Students are required to work extensively with audiotapes.

Prerequisite(s): RUS 101 or placement test.

RUS 201 Russian IV 3 Credits

Grammar review continued. Emphasis on the comprehension of difficult literary texts.

Prerequisite(s): RUS 200 or placement test.

RUS 315 Tolstoy 3 Credits

Reading and discussion of selected works of Tolstoy including his fables; novellas, such as Master and Man and The Kreutzer Sonata; and either Anna Karenina or War and Peace. Classes are in English. No knowledge of Russian required.

RUS 490 Independent Research and Study 1-4 Credits

Independent Research and Study allows juniors and seniors in good academic standing to investigate topics of interest under faculty supervision. Projects must be approved by the faculty member, department chairperson, and academic dean no later than the third week of the semester in which the project is to be conducted. Only one project can be scheduled in a semester, and for no more than four semester hours; up to 12 semester hours of independent research and study may be counted toward graduation. Note that individual departments may have additional restrictions.

RUS 491 Internshp in Foreign Languages 1-4 Credits

A supervised work experience in an approved organization to gain knowledge of the importance and interrelationship of foreign languages and cultures in the workplace. Placements can be made in international governmental agencies, international trade associations, multinational corporations, social service agencies and other appropriate workplace environments both in the United States and abroad. With permission of the supervisor and faculty advisor, a three-credit internship may be substituted for a collateral requirement as credit toward the major.

Prerequisite(s): students should have completed at least one 300-level course in the foreign language.

RUS 496 Special Studies 3 Credits

An in-depth study for students interested in special areas, with emphasis on specific literary genre.

Prerequisite(s): permission of instructor.