Latin American and Caribbean (LAC)

LAC 420 From Colonies to Nations 3 Credits

This course consists of a panoramic survey of Colonial and Post-Colonial Latin American literature in light of the unique social, cultural and political history from the pre-Columbian to the Independence period (1825). The approach brings together vivid accounts of places and events, speeches, profiles, oral histories, excerpts from a wide range of literature, policy papers, and other readings. The analysis and discussion of selected literary works and representative films will show how Latin American and Caribbean artistic and creative endeavors express the social, cultural and political context of the Americas. Videos and films will provide the sights and sounds of this vast and vital region. Note: This course is cross-listed as LAC 420. Students may not get credit for both SPA 420 and LAC 420.

Prerequisite(s): SPA 201, or placement test at 300-level or above or SPA 300 or above.