Integrated Sciences and Math (ISM)

ISM 100 Introduction to the Integrated Sciences and Math 4 Credits

Traditional lectures and laboratory experiences are blended to encourage students to begin asking questions and designing experiments to learn about the physical, life, and Earth sciences. This is the entry-level course for the integrated sciences and math major, though it is open to all students who want to actively explore the nature of science. Two three-hour combined lab/lecture sessions per week.

ISM 410 Seminar in the Integrated Sciences and Math 3 Credits

As a senior seminar course, class discussion, presentation, and participation will be emphasized. Science topics covered will extend beyond the range of a single science discipline. Students will evaluate articles (from popular science magazines, newspapers, etc.) to discern the connections among various scientific disciplines. Students will present written critiques of the articles focusing on the proper use of the scientific method, data analysis techniques (e.g., statistics, mathematics, etc.), and on the plausibility of the interpretations. Students will also present a semester-long project (both written and oral) that focuses on the connections among disciplines of a scientific issue.

Prerequisite(s): ISM 100, senior standing, or permission of instructor.