Multicultural Studies

Program Overview

In this minor, students learn how different cultures interact to shape individual identities and to structure U.S. society. Because organizations today need employees who can perform effectively in a diverse workplace, the minor can also enhance employment options. 

For coursework, each student chooses a theme or thread within multicultural studies that suits his or her special interests. The minor also provides students with career-relevant knowledge and experience. 

In these various ways, the multicultural studies minor plays an important role in preparing Rider students, whatever their ethnic heritage, for an increasingly multicultural world.

Minor Offered

  • Minor in Multicultural Studies


Pearlie Peters, Ph.D.
Director, Multicultural Studies
Fine Arts 337

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Multicultural Studies Minor Requirements

(21 credits)

Multicultural Studies
MCS 110Race, Class and Gender in Contemporary American Society3
MCS 220Issues in Multicultrl Studies3
Select five courses from the following three groups, chosen in consultation with the director.15
Multicultural Studies
Directed Study in Multiculturl
Intrnshp in Mult Cultl Studies
Electives Emphasizing Multiculturalism Within the United States
Growing Up American
Multicultural America
Philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Studies in American Jewish Culture
Intercultural Communication
Black American Lit
Multi-Ethnic Lit in America
African American History
The Immigrant in American Life
Managing Workforce Diversity
Race/Ethnicity in Amer Politic
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Area Studies:Indians of N Amer
Electives Providing Background and Context
Modern Middle East
Modern Latin America
Caribbean History
Modern East Asia
African History
China in Revolution
Women in East Asia
Asian Philosophy
Politics of the Middle East
Area Studies: Africa
Latin American Latino Culture
Intro to Latin-Amer/Latino Lit
Latin American/Latino Film and Fiction
Total Credits21

Courses and Descriptions

MCS 110 Race, Class and Gender in Contemporary American Society 3 Credits

This interdisciplinary course analyzes the ways in which race, class, gender and ethnic relationships shape the experience of all persons in this society. It examines the categories of race, class and gender as social constructs that have been historically developed and sustained by economic, social, political, and cultural factors.

MCS 110S Introduction to Race, Class and Gender in Contemporary Society 1 Credits

This course introduces students to the concepts of race, class and gender as essential components in understanding how social identities are socially constructed in the United States. Using historical and contemporary references, the course explores the ways in which race, class, gender and ethnic relationships shape the experiences of people in the United States, and the implications of those experiences for social relationships. Part of this exploration is to expose students to inter-relatedness of race, class and gender, as identity markers, both historically and in contemporary society.

MCS 220 Issues in Multicultural Studies 3 Credits

An examination of issues and questions posed by the existence of diversity in social life. Students build on what they have learned in MCS 110 by focusing in greater depth on selected aspects of multicultural interaction. Topics change each semester and are listed in the course roster. Recent topics include “Understanding Privilege,” “The Meaning of Difference,” and “Narratives of Human Difference: Science, Politics, Literature.”

Prerequisite(s): MCS 110 or permission of instructor.

MCS 280 Directed Study in Multicultural Studies 1-4 Credits

An intensive study experience in multicultural studies. The student designs and carries out a course of focused study under the supervision of a multicultural studies faculty member. The student’s proposed plan of work must be reviewed and approved by the faculty sponsor and by the multicultural studies advisory committee. May be repeated once for credit.

MCS 490 Independent Study: Research and Creative Expression 1-4 Credits

Individual program of study under close supervision by the instructor, with weekly meetings and reports. Topics to be approved by the department. Available to seniors who have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. No more than six credits allowed toward graduation.

MCS 491 Internship in Multicultural Studies 1-4 Credits

A supervised community service of work experience at an approved site. Placements are made in accordance with each student’s particular theme within multicultural studies. A minimum of three hours per week on site per credit (39 hours per semester); in addition, students complete readings and reports and meet weekly with the instructor. Primarily for multicultural studies minors in their junior or senior year.