European Area Studies

Program Overview

This minor helps students gain opportunities to learn another language and have an extra edge for their future careers, as well as assisting them in gaining knowledge on a variety of different cultures, practices, and beliefs that will make students more well-rounded in the future.  

Minor Offered

  • Minor in European Area Studies


Frank Rusciano, Ph.D.
Fine Arts 277

Program Website:  Area Studies
Associated Department: Department of Languages, Literature and Cultures

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European Area Studies Minor Requirements

(21 credits)

European Language 1
Select one or two courses in the same language:3-6
French III
and French IV 1
German III
and German IV 1
Spanish III
and Spanish IV 1
Gateway Course
EUR 250Intro to European Area Studies3
Area-specific Courses 2
Select four or five courses from at least three different categories:12-15
Art of the Baroque
19th Century Art
Survey of Dance History
Hist Ballet,Modrn&JazzDance
Seminar in Cinema Studies
Masterworks in Music
Great Composers
Beethoven and the Romantic Age
Music Literature: Baroque Era
The Arts Abroad
Selected Topics in Music
The Arts Abroad
Europe To 1715
Europe Since 1715
Britain To 1688
Modern Britain
History of Ireland
Women in Europe from Antiquity to the French Revolution
Imperial Russia
Modern Russia
Italy Middle Ages to Present
Modern European Intell History
History of Socialism
History of Ancient Rome
The History of Christianity
Church & Society in Med Europe
Renaissance and Reformation
20th-Century Europe
Philosophy and Social Science
Comparative Economic Systems
Post-Soviet Economy
Global Encounters: Special Education Abroad: A Comparative Experience
Study Abroad
Limits of Reason:19th Century Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion
Problems in 20th-Cent Philos
Nietzsche and Nihilism
Philosophy of Wittgenstein
Philosophy of David Hume
Nationalism in World Politics
Political Thinkers & Thought
European Politics
Mod Democracy & its Critics
Freedom and Authority
Population Study
Area Studies
Cities And Suburbs
Peasant Society
Social and Cultural Change
Social Theory
Issues in Modern Social Theory
Power and Politics
Social Policy
Literature, Film and Culture
Intro To Shakespeare
Literary History I
Literary History II
Medieval Literature
16th-Century Literature
17th-Century Literature
Restoration & 18th Century Lit
Romantic Literature
Victorian Literature,1830-1900
20th-Century British Lit
Contemporary British Lit
History of the Eng Language
Seminar in Shakespeare
Seminar In Milton
French Culture
Cultural Express in French Film and Television
Portrait of the Hero in French Fiction
Mask & Reality in French Theat
Composition & Conversation
German for Business
Intro to German Literature
German Literature and Film
German Culture
Self/Society in Short Fiction
Modern German Drama
Russian Literature 988-1850
Russian Literature 1850-1917
20th Century Russian Lit
Russian Culture
Spanish Culture & Civilization
Introduction to Spanish Lit
Intro to Latin-Amer/Latino Lit
Medieval Literature
Hispanic Theater and Film
Hispanic Short Story: Transatlantic Conn
Spanish Renaissance
The Spanish Golden Age
Total Credits21

Student Abroad or domestic experience within a European linguistic context or business environment—study, service-learning or internships—may meet some of the requirements upon consultation with the student’s advisor. Students must take at least one course in the European Area Studies Minor upon completion of Study Abroad or a domestic experience as described above.

Independent Research and Study courses and Baccalaureate Honors courses may be substituted in consultation with the Area Studies Program director.

Courses and Descriptions

EUR 250 Intro to European Area Studies 3 Credits

This multi-disciplinary course introduces students to European Area Studies, and focuses upon how Europe has been conceptualized as a social, cultural, economic and political entity. Subjects surveyed through materials drawn from multiple disciplines and media include geography, ecology and climate; principal language systems and their development; historical, political and economic developments from antiquity to the modern era; architecture, city development and design; contemporary cultural life; and the formation and organization of the European Union. Required foundation courses for the European Area Studies minor.