Natural World Perspective Area of Knowledge

This perspective represents a recognition of the impact of the natural world on life and on human behavior and examines the impact of a technological society on the natural world.

Areas of Knowledge: Natural World Perspective6-8
Select two of the following courses: 1
Any Biology (BIO); Behavioral Neuroscience (BNS); Biochemistry (BCH); Chemistry (CHE); Environmental Sciences [ENV); Geological Sciences (GEO); Marine Sciences (MAR); or Physics (PHY) course.
The Science of Mental Illness 1
Sensation and Perception 1
Biopsychology 1
Developmental Disabilities 1
Autism Spectrum Disorder 1
Health Psychology 1
Drugs and Human Behavior 1
Aging, Brain, and Cognition 1
Death, Dying and Suicide 1
Physical Anthropology
Introduction to Sustainability Studies