Contemporary Perspective Area of Knowledge

To understand our daily lives in the modern world, one must understand the dynamics of modern society and the forces that influence the course of living and working in the world.

Area of Knowledge: Contemporary Perspective9
Select three of the following courses: 1,2
American Memoir and Autobiography
Sports in American Life
Multicultural America
Special Topics in American Studies 1
The New South in Literature, Music and Film
Philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr.
American Popular Culture
America and the Future
Technology and Science in America
Hip Hop and American Culture
American Identity in the Arts
Social Impact of Rock and Roll
Communication, Culture and Media
Intercultural Communication
Communication Ethics
Gender and Communication
Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
The Social Construction of Global Society
Politics of the Global Economy
Public Opinion
Global Politics
Terrorism, Revolutions, and Political Violence
Intercultural Communication
Political Communication
Ethnographic Film
Politics of the Middle East
Global Perspectives on Health and Illness
Third World Politics
Politics of Exile, Asylum and Diaspora
The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Introduction to Gender Studies
Introduction to Women's Studies
Race, Class and Gender in Contemporary American Society
Popular Constructions of Gender and Sexuality
Gender and Communication
Leadership and Community
Modern Latin America
Modern East Asia
History of Modern Japan
American Urban History
20th-Century Europe
China in Revolution
Homeland Security
U.S. Constitutional Law
The Political System - Theories/Theme
Homeland Security
U.S. Constitutional Law
Political Behavior: Fear, Risk and Crisis
Congressional Power and National Security Policy
Congressional Power and National Security Policy
Presidential Power and National Security Policy
Public Administration
The Politics and Ethics of Emergencies
U.S. Foreign Policy and Security Policy
Critical Views of Global Security
Courts, Judges and Politics
Human Rights in Global Context
Conflict & Conflict Resolution
Cyberspace Law and Policy
Race, Class and Gender in Contemporary American Society
Contemp Music Experience
Social Philosophy
Business Ethics
Philosophy of Law
Medical Ethics
All Political Science (POL) courses
Introduction to Psychology 2
Organizational Psychology 2
Abnormal Psychology 2
Child Development 2
Youth and Adolescent Development 2
Social Psychology 2
Psychology of Peace & Conflict 2
Drugs and Human Behavior 2
Psychology of the Family 2
Psychology and Law
Psychology of Gender 2
Positive Psychology 2
Death, Dying and Suicide 2
Sociological Imagination
Deviance and Crime
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Social Movements
Youth and Crime
Social Problems
Drugs, Crime &American Society
Social Service Organizations
Media, Culture and Society
Schools and Schooling
Work and Occupations
Women and Law
Cities And Suburbs
Pre-Industrial Economies
Women in Society
Gender and Criminal Justice
Feminist Social Thought
Law and Lawyers
Hate Crimes in the United States
White Collar & Corporate Crime
Class and Economic Inequality
Punishment and Corrections
Power and Politics
Developing Societies
Police and American Society
Policing and Counter Terrorism
Race and Crime
Health Care and Society
Human Service Organizations
Contemporary Theater