Continuing Education Programs Core Requirements

The Continuing Education Program core requirements consist of two major areas: Basic Core and the Areas of Knowledge. Continuing Education Program students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration should refer to the College of Business Administration's core requirements.

Basic Core Requirements

CMP 120Seminar in Writing and Rhetoric3
CMP 125Seminar in Writing and Research3
COM 104Speech Communication 13
Quantitative Skills 23
Information Technology 33
Total Credits15

The Areas of Knowledge

There are four areas of knowledge.  Students select two or three courses from each of the four areas. At least two disciplines must be represented in each area.  No more than three courses from any one discipline may be used to meet the areas of knowledge requirement.  Students are urged to consult with their advisors before selecting courses for the areas of knowledge to ensure that the courses chosen meet the requirements.

Historical Perspective9
See Historical Perspective course requirements
Artistic and Intellectual Perspective9
See Artistic and Intellectual Perspective course requirements
Contemporary Perspective9
See Contemporary Perspective course requirements
Natural World6-8
See Natural World course requirements
Total Credits33-35