Natural World Perspective

This area represents a recognition of the impact of the natural world on life and on human behavior and examines the impact of a technological society on the natural world.

Areas of Knowledge: Natural World Perspective6-8
Select two of the following courses: 1, 2
Life Science:Human Emphasis
Principles of Biology I
Principles of Biology I Lab
Principles of Biology II
Principles of Biology II Lab
Intro to College Chemistry
Chem and Contemporary Society
Principles of Chemistry
Principles of Chemistry Lab
Intro to Chemical Systems
Quantitative Methods Lab
Environmental Geology (also cross listed as GLS-113)
Sensation and Perception 2
Biopsychology 2
Developmental Disabilities 2
Autism Spectrum Disorders 2
Health Psychology 2
Drugs and Human Behavior 2
Aging, Brain, and Cognition 2
Death, Dying and Suicide 2
Physical Anthropology