Historical Perspective

To comprehend the contemporary world, one must appreciate that it is the result of historical evolution and that this process of change continues today. Our society should not be understood as rigid or absolute but as part of a historical continuum.

Areas of Knowledge: Historical Perspective9
Select three of the following courses: 1
Introduction to American Studies
Multicultural America
Special Topics in American Studies 1
Religion in America
Hip Hop and American Culture
Radicalism in 20th-Century America
American Photography
Social Impact of Rock and Roll
Survey of Art History I
Survey of Art History II
Art of the Ancient World
Medieval and Renaissance Art
Art of the Baroque
American Art
19th Century Art
Art of the 20th Century
Selected Topics in Art History 1
Chinese Culture and Civilization
Radio & TV Communication
History and Principles of Graphic Design
Sitcoms and American Culture
Media History: Personalities and Trend
Survey of Dance History
History of Movement Theory
Hist Ballet,Modrn&JazzDance
Selected Topics in Dance History 1
Literary History I
Literary History II
History of the Eng Language
Ethnographic Film
The Arab-Israeli Conflict
Witch Hunts: Femicide Through Centuries
All History (HIS) courses except HIS 227, HIS 283, HIS 303, HIS 306
Survey of Music History I
Survey of Music History II
History of Pop and Rock Part I
History of Pop and Rock Part 2
Music of the Beatles
Film Music
American Philosophy
Asian Philosophy
Philosophy of the Sexes
Pol Parties & Electoral Behave
American Presidency
The Arab-Israeli Conflict
History of Psychology
Spanish Culture & Civilization
Latin American Latino Culture
Cultural Anthropology
Social and Cultural Change
Theatre History to 1700
Theater History Since 1700
American Theatre History