Artistic and Intellectual Perspective

This area of knowledge recognizes that intellectual creativity is an ability that is unique to humans. People, alone, have produced works of art and developed systematic bodies of thought. Thus, to understand people is to know them in this special role.

Area of Knowledge: Artistic and Intellectual Perspective9
Select three of the following courses: 1
Growing Up American
Sports in American Life
American Myth in Literature, Landscape, and Music
Special Topics in American Studies
American Folklore
Studies in American Jewish Culture
American Popular Culture
Religion in America
Hip Hop and American Culture
American Identity in the Arts
Social Impact of Rock and Roll
Chinese Culture and Civilization
Calligraphy As a Window to Chinese Language and Culture
Intercultural Communication
Communication Law
Communication Ethics
Sitcoms and American Culture
All English Literature (ENG) courses except ENG 250, ENG 251, ENG 411
Intercultural Communication
Ethnographic Film
Political Film
World Music
Introductn to Gender Studies
Women In Literature
Feminist Literary Criticism
Special Topics
Gender, War and Peace
Gender and Ethics
U.S. Cultural History I
U.S. Cultural History II
Modern European Intell History
Renaissance and Reformation
Law, Literature, and Film in America
Crime & Justice in the Media
Masterworks of Western Literature I
Masterworks of Western Lit II
European Short Novel
The Bible As Literature
Plato and Aristotle
Symbolic Logic
Limits of Reason:19th Century Philosophy
The Nature of Art
Philosophy of Law
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Mind
Understanding Politics
Political Film
Psychology and Film
Spanish Culture & Civilization
Latin American Latino Culture
Religion and Belief Systems