Program Overview

The Sales Minor is complementary to a wide range of majors in that it prepares students to effectively and persuasively represent an organization’s offerings in negotiation and exchange situations. The employment outlook for sales positions is positive in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, wholesale, insurance, real estate and financial services. The core of the minor establishes a solid base of concepts and skills in sales and negotiation while elective courses allow students to focus on complementary knowledge areas and/or industries.   

The minor is available to both business and non-business majors.

Degree Offered

  • Minor in Sales


Dr. Ira Bruce Sprotzer
Associate Professor and Chairperson
Sweigart Hall 239

Program Website: Sales Minor
Associated Department: Department of Marketing, Sport Management and Legal Studies 

Related Programs

(18 credits not including prerequisite coursework)

MKT 340Personal Selling3
MKT 440Sales Management3
MGT 346Negotiation3
Select three of the following electives:9
Intro to Law: Contracts
Integrated Business with SAP
Data Mining
Project Management
Enterprise Systems Configuratn
Managing Your Money
Personal Financial Planning
Management Skills
Service Marketing
Business to Business Marketing
Consumer Behavior
Total Credits18

Sales Minor with SAP Student Award Certificate

Students must take three of the following electives in addition to the three required courses for a total of 18 credits:
Integrated Business with SAP
Data Mining
Enterprise Systems Configuratn
Management Information Systems for Global Supply Chain Management

The sales minor is open to all students at the University. For students pursuing a major in the College of Business Administration, no more than two courses in the minor can be double counted as satisfying either core or major requirements.

MKT 340Personal Selling3
MKT 440Sales Management3
MGT 346Negotiation3
MKT 260Service Marketing3
MKT 310Business to Business Marketing3
MKT 320Consumer Behavior3
BUS 210Intro to Law: Contracts3
CIS 315Integrated Business with SAP3
CIS 360Data Mining3
CIS 390Project Management3
CIS 430Enterprise Integration ((prerequisite: CIS 315))3
FIN 200Managing Your Money3
FIN 305Personal Financial Planning3
GSC 385Management Information Systems for Global Supply Chain Management3