Leadership Development Program / Certificate in Leadership


The Leadership Development Program (LDP), housed within the Center for the Development of Leadership Skills, is a certificate bearing program that is open to undergraduate students of all majors at the University. The LDP is designed to create confident leaders by combining traditional academic learning with intensive skill training and supervised leadership experience through co-curricular activities, experiential learning, fieldwork, and community service.

The three components of the program (academic, experiential, and practical) apply knowledge and skills that are strengthened with “hands-on” participation in leadership and team environments. Through coaching and training, our students reinforce their leadership and interpersonal skills with team building, influence, and communication exercises throughout their time at Rider.

To become a member of the Leadership Development Program, interested undergraduate students must apply and be accepted.  LDP members have from the time they are accepted to the time they graduate Rider to complete the requirements for the Certificate in Leadership, which is noted officially on each student’s transcript.

To learn more about the Leadership Development Program and apply for membership, please visit the Leadership Development Program website. 

Certificate Offered

  • Certificate in Leadership


Laura Seplaki
Associate Director, CDLS; Director, LDP
Sweigart Hall 250

Program Requirements

The Leadership Development Program at Rider is a University-wide program that is open to undergraduate students of all majors.  Upon successful completion of the requirements listed below, students will obtain a Leadership Certificate upon graduation from Rider.

All LDP members must maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.  Applicants with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or less will not be considered for membership into the LDP.

Academic Component
LDP 200Foundations of Leadership 13
One Ethics or Multicultural Studies elective 1, 23
Experiential Component
Three Leadership Skills Seminars
Practical Component
Leadership Practicum 3
Event/Meeting Requirements (per academic year in the program)
One career development workshop
One LDP-sponsored or endorsed program/workshop
One LDP general member meeting

LDP 200 Foundations of Leadership 3 Credits

This course provides students with a working model of leadership to guide their personal leadership development. It also exposes students to insights about leadership from respected commentators, scholars, and practitioners. Finally, it provides students with an opportunity to actively “do” leadership through experiential learning activities.