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COM 366 Project Management in Graphic Design 3 Credits

Explores the creative process of graphic design while developing an understanding of the methods employed in problem solving in the industry standard design software packages. Students learn how to create a hierarchy of information through the ordering of elements into a comprehensive visual unity. They consider the relationship between content and page size, proportion, grid and margins. Students learn about typography as a design element and how it works with other visual elements in design. In order to develop an understanding of the project-planning process for either printer or Web projects, students will develop and present a series of projects that will build on one another to develop their “visual voice.” Students will be evaluated on their ability to apply course material to the projects to create professional-quality work; their ability to apply exchange ideas and accept and apply constructive criticism; and on their participation in class discussions, critiques and presentations.

Prerequisite(s): COM 262, COM 360.


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