Reading/Language Arts (READ)

READ 503 Content Reading in High School, College, and Continuing Education 3 Credits

Familiarizes teachers with the philosophy, language, and methodology of the language arts as they effect instruction in content areas. Emphasis is on the ways in which the integration of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities within all curricular areas can increase learning. Through lectures, demonstrations, and workshop-type activities, students will both experience and create lessons within various fields. Also investigates the content and methodology of reading programs in educational settings ranging from middle school through adult education.

READ 517 Teaching a Second Language 3 Credits

This course focuses on interactive methods of teaching a new language as well as cross-cultural understanding. Students learn to plan using national and state standards for language instruction, organize activities, design and direct language learning tasks, and assess learning. Includes theoretical positions on communicative language learning and teaching, the use and evaluation of currently used materials, the design of new materials, and field experiences in the language to be taught. Students develop their professional portfolio, participate in an E-seminar, prepare a unit of study, and present lesson segments. Open to prospective world language teachers, ESL and bilingual teachers, as well as practicing teachers seeking certification. *NOTE: This course is cross-listed as EDUC 521. Students cannot get credit for both EDUC 521 and READ 517.

READ 518 Social and Cultural Practices and their Effects on Learning in School 3 Credits

This course focuses on the customs and cultures of culturally and linguistically diverse learners and how their diversities affect their enculturation into American communities. These differences will be studied by reviewing professional literature and children's literature whose stories are set in the varied locations where these customs are practiced.