Political Science (POL)

POLĀ 501 Homland Security 3 Credits

This course is designed to help students increase their knowledge and understanding of problems impact the public agenda, why some solutions are adopted and other rejected, and why some policies appear to succeed while others appear to fail. The course will primarily examine policy making at the national level in the United States, but will also analyze examples at the state and local level, as well as placing U.S. policy in a comparative perspective.

POLĀ 502 The Development and Structure of U.S. Intelligence Agencies 3 Credits

This course will provide an historical review of intelligence during the following World Wall II. It will examine the major functions of intelligence, as well as intelligence as a part of the foreign policy process: collection, analysis, counterintelligence and convert action. Students will be introduced to a range of collection procedures: human, open source, electronic, photographic, and signal. With emphasis placed on interpreting and writing intelligence summaries.