College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) offers advanced degrees designed to build professional success in a variety of organizational settings.  With programs in Applied Psychology, Business Communication and Homeland Security, graduate programs in CLAS focus on refining essential skill sets for data analysis and its critical application, for career advancement and personal growth. A Master's degree from Rider will connect cutting edge curricula with real-world learning opportunities resulting in a unique and enriching educational experience.

Masters in Applied Psychology

The M.A. in Applied Psychology: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) prepares students to excel in professional careers as scientist-practitioners.  By challenging students to use a scientific lens when creating and evaluating clinical interventions, and to use an applied lens when designing research, this program will ensure that students are prepared to achieve success in behavior analytic employment, or to pursue further education upon completion of the program. 

Masters in Business Communication

The M.A. in Business Communication focuses on the application of communication skills within a business context. Students learn to better understand and leverage communication strategies to achieve organizational goals. The program introduces students to best practices in business communication, and engages them in real life current issues and scenarios faced by professionals on the job.

Masters in Health Communication

The M.A. in Health Communication prepares graduates to advance public health policy, influence the health and lifestyle behaviors of individuals and underserved population groups, and improve overall health outcomes.  The Health Communication program offers students a rich and engaging learning experience. Designed for working professionals, this online graduate program provides a rich and engaging learning experience.

Masters in Homeland Security

The M.A. in Homeland Security is a broad, theory-based program which offers offers a distinctive and multidisciplinary approach to preparing professionals for leadership roles in protecting the United States, its interests and its allies from terrorist attacks, as well as responding to natural disasters and other threats to the safety and welfare of our communities, state and nation. Students will gain the knowledge and foundation needed to pursue private or public sector employment in the expanding area of homeland security and emergency preparedness, or further study in public policy.


Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Courses

Students who are eligible to take CLAS graduate courses during their senior year must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Under most circumstances, up to six credits of graduate courses may be taken as an undergraduate​ and would be included in the regular, full-time tuition fee.  These credits may be applied towards the undergraduate degree requirements, including in the calculation of undergraduate GPA.​  Should the student matriculate into the CLAS graduate program, these credits, but not the grades, would be subsequently transferred to the graduate transcript.